6 Different Types of Nose Rings Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Fashion is an art to explore your beauty from within and to the world. And to enlighten the fashion, you get many things to add over. And jewelry is the perfect form to explore fashion. The tiny stone shines brighter and glows your soul entirely. We all wonder how small it looks, but still, it twinkles in the dark and blooms the mood. Every jewelry set is perfectly arranged with all ornaments. And the nose ring is one of them. Even if a pair gets missed out, the collection looks imperfect. Though everything is set properly and you miss a tiny nose ring, it just looks imperfect. Let us walk through the content and know more about the types of nose rings.

6 Different Types of Nose Rings Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

1.   Nose Studs

Usually, most of the women come up with the nose stud. A tiny floral form that attracts a simple glimpse over a face. Studs are specially composed of gold, silver and sometimes pearl. The structure is quite magnificent, a stone emerged outwards with a stick at back. The Nose Stud is a complete structure with a secured one at the backside.

2.   Diamond Nose Rings

Diamond Nose Rings are impressive creations made up of gold and silver. As it is round, a pearl or diamond can not be stuck on the ring and therefore it has got a simple touch. The ring is so flexible that it can pass through a small nose hole. Diamond Nose Rings are the most prominently used, as some sort of fashion does not change with time.

3.   Clip-ons

Clip-ons are designed simply. A ‘U’ shaped jewelry which can be worn easily. You just need to press it with a smooth hand and be ready to dazzle. Designed with the white pearl and glamorous stones.

4.   Nathani

Large, and circular. Most attractive form of a nose ring, embedded with the gold and chain around. It is mainly designed for the wedding ceremony  to add a traditional touch. Nathani is mainly represented by the women from Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Indian.

5.   Nathani without chain

Nathani without chains is a perfect match for those who admire western but are not much traditional. Stuck with the gems and diamonds. A creation that glows you exclusively.

6.   Nose ring with diverse regions

As we see diversity in every aspect, likewise every region has its own unique and elegant form of jewelry.  Here are a few states, representing their culture of jewelry.

In Maharashtra, women here have cashew nuts like nath.

Punjab, representing nath which is similar to a pendant with a chain.

South India, where women have a simple and small type of nose ring. Pearls are situated over it to make it more fascinating.

In Uttarakhand, women here have big gold nath with a lot of pearls and gems.

Final words

As we have seen many types of nose rings and the way it is carved. Twinkle with a nose ring, and add an essence of beauty to the way you drive. As per your tone choose one out of it.

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