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6 Tips for Wearing a Casual Dress at Work

Whether it’s for your 9-to-5 job, or for something you’re passionate about, wearing casual dresses to work can be both fashionable and practical. Tween girls should consider all the elements before browsing for clothes like these. They should also consider the comfort of their clothes as well as taking into account how long they will be wearing their dresses at work. There are many ways that tween girls can dress casually without sacrificing style, but there are some rules about what can be worn to work. There are also accessories to complete an outfit that should always be considered when dressing up in casual attire and you can always grad some idea from Buddy Love. The following tips apply whether a girl is working retail or behind a desk, and they also apply when first applying for a job.

6 Tips for Wearing a Casual Dress at Work

What to Consider When Applying for Your First Job

When it comes to applying for your first job, a casual dress is a great option. There are many dresses that look fantastic and are also appropriate for tweens when attending a job interview. Make sure the dress is not too showy and is appropriate for the workplace. It should not be a style you would wear to prom, but it also should not be a simple sundress either. There should be sleeves that at least cover the shoulders, and the length is typically considered appropriate when it is at least near the knees or lower. Just do your best to look professional, while making sure that you fit in with what other employees look like from when you dropped off your application.

Casual Dress Code

When dressing for work, tween girls need to be aware of their company’s dress code. Some employers have a casual dress code that allows employees to wear jeans, skirts and blouses with sandals or sneakers. Other companies have specific policies about what can be worn when interacting directly with customers. Tween girls should always follow the rules so they don’t get in trouble at work. You represent your company when on the job, so make sure you keep that in mind.

Comfort Is Also important

One important thing to consider when wearing dresses is comfort. Casual dresses are perfect for summertime because they are loose-fitting and breezy, but even in wintertime, comfortable clothing is important. Whether it’s jeans or a skirt, tween girls need to make sure the clothes fit right. If certain sleeves are too tight, or too short, they may need to change their clothes before going to work. If there’s an issue with the clothing items fitting properly, tween girls should consider exchanging them for something else. When in doubt, look more professional than less. Employers will rarely have an issue with you looking more professional, but they may have an issue with your coming to work dressed inappropriately.

Accessorize Appropriately

There are many accessories that can be worn to work that aren’t too outrageous. Tween girls should try wearing a nice necklace, a mid-length coat, or a simple scarf. For footwear, a pair of dressy flats or loafers is the best bet. Heels that are several inches high can look off in a workplace, and also cause you to walk awkwardly. In some instances, they can also increase your risk of falling, so they should typically be avoided. Also, don’t forget about hats and headbands! These items can add flare to an outfit while staying professional at work.

Balance Your Outfits

If you’re wearing a bright coral dress, wear neutral accessories such as silver metallic sandals or pumps, a classic black handbag and a pair of gold earrings and necklace. Tone down other less significant details like bracelets and rings, if necessary, by adding either one statement piece (like long dangly earrings) or several smaller delicate pieces to balance out the outfit.

Other stylish options include:

  • Adding a blazer to create structure around your shoulders or waist
  • Wearing low heels, wedges, or boots to create a longer line
  • Wearing a belt to define the waist

You can also wear jackets over your casual dresses at work. If you’re inside an air-conditioned office, this is a great way to stay warm in summer without having to resort to tights. Just make sure that the hem of the jacket doesn’t peek out from under the dress when you bend down, sit down, or walk around.

Keep Length in Mind

Not all casual dresses are short and mini by default, but if it’s shorter than what you’re used to wearing at work, just remember to keep things appropriate for the environment. Make sure your dress is an appropriate length and that your undergarments won’t show through the sheer fabric of the dress. You can also consider wearing a blazer or cardigan over the dress if you feel more comfortable dressing more modestly. Avoid visible punch holes, such as from, belts or shoulder pads as these will take away from your professional look.

Wearing casual dresses at work are a great idea when that is what the environment allows. Just make sure you keep a professional mindset when dressing and you will be fine.

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