Internship Dress Code And Mistakes

An Internship is the first step to your dream job! It can be considered an extra-long job interview. In order to make an impression on your possible future employers, you need to dress accordingly while being on an internship. If that means that you have to go to buy some new clothes, so be it! You can consider this as an investment in your future. And, it really is! Do you want the job, or not? If you do, then you will need to pay a lot of attention to the internship dress code rules and the most common fashion mistakes to avoid.

In the article below, we have selected for you some of the most common mistakes women do when making an internship. Further, we are sharing with you the internship dress code that you must follow from A to Z. Ready to start? Here is the fashion fails that you need to avoid when being an intern. Take a look and fix them immediately. Show professionalism!

1. Cover it up! Cover it up!

One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can ever is having your underwear or bra strap showing. This may seem too innocent for you to be considered a fashion mistake, but believe us, it is so inappropriate in an office environment. So, this is the first internship dress code rule you need to learn: always cover it up! Look at the mirror, then turn around. Stretch and reach. Now, bend over! Done! Problem solved. If still, at any point your bra strap pops out or you catch a glimpse of your shapewear peeking below the hem of the skirt, then it is probably the best to change. Remember that exposed undergarments will always make you look sloppy. That is not the impression you want to give to your potential employer, is it?

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

2. Stick to sturdy fabrics and knits, and stay away from anything flimsy

Another fashion mistake that you can make while being an intern is to wear clothing that is made of see-through fabrics. Depending on the office environment that you work in, even wearing a sheer blouse over a neutral bra can look too inappropriate. Transparent clothing is never a good choice when it comes to the office dress code. You don’t want your clothes to be a distraction. So, in order to avoid such a fashion failure, here is an internship dress code rule to follow: stick to sturdy fabrics. Avoid anything that can be too flimsy. Also, make sure that any of the underlayers are smooth and do not cause any awkward ripples and bumps in the clothing you are wearing.

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

3. Save the day-to-night stuff for after you actually have a job

Trying to do a whole day-to-night thing at the office is wrong. When you are at work, dress for work! Dressing for whatever you have going on outside the office will give the impression that work is not your priority. This is not a conduction you need to present in a highly competitive job market. Instead, here is the internship dress code rule to follow: save the day-to-night stuff for occasions after work. So, if you have a dinner reservation, try to reserve later, so that you have time to go home and get dressed. Do not use the office toilet as a dressing room. Getting dressed in the bathroom

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

4. Wear a longer skirt or just wear pants

No one would appear at the office with a look that will make everybody think “what the fuck?” are you wearing, right. Try to avoid dressing up in outfits that will produce this kind of reaction in people’s minds. Avoid colorful outfits, too-sexy looks, and too-short skirts. Indeed, if you have no skirt with an appropriate length for the office, then you better avoid wearing a skirt at all. Pants are just ok to be worn, and nowadays you can nail pants looks that are polished, office-appropriate, and elegant at the same time. Keep to this internship dress code rule anytime you have doubts about what to wear at the office for the day.

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

5. Less is more

Less is more, especially when it comes to makeup. And, especially when it comes to office makeup. This is one of the crucial internship dress code rules that you must follow. Always! Wearing a lot of heavy makeup will distract those around you in the office, making you look high-maintenance, which is absolutely not an attractive quality for potential employers. So, try to keep the office makeup minimal, natural, and well-polished. You can wear a lot of makeup, but do it the right way, so it does not look like it. Instead, save the heavy makeup stuff for the weekend. When at the office and stick to mascara and neutral lipsticks.

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

6. Just make it easy on yourself and wear sleeves

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

7. Leave your fragile, super-special stuff at home

Internship Dress Code And Mistakes source

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