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A Guide to Engraving Wedding Bands in Plano, TX

Wedding band rings are symbols of tying the knot with the person you love and so they should be made special and personalized. That’s why jewelers in Plano, TX are offering beautiful custom diamond rings as a wedding band to meet the demands of soon-to-be husbands and wives to have the most personalized wedding band they can get. One thing that marks the band is having your names and dates engraved on it. Here is a guide to engraving wedding bands in Plano, TX.

A Guide to Engraving Wedding Bands in Plano, TX

Factors To Consider in Wedding Band Engravings

Your Budget

Deciding to have your ring should be considered since this has an additional cost. The cost can be lower if you opt to have your wedding band engraved upon purchase since it can cost more if you decide later. Get quotations so you can have an accurate estimate of how much your wedding band and engravement cost in that way you can prepare your budget ahead.

Your Ring Style

When getting a wedding ring the design always matters since some want it simple while others want it complicated. If you can have a ring customized with your own design and make it unique then engravings are not necessary anymore. Since one of the purposes in putting engraves will be to easily identify your ring just in case it gets lost. However, if it is very unique then you can easily tell it’s yours. But the choice will still depend on you, if you think adding engraves can make it more personalized then do so.

Creation Time

Putting engraves in your ring can make your waiting time longer. Since they have to spend some time engraving your rings. So better decide ahead of you will have your rings engraved or not. In that way, you can have them made earlier to allot enough time for your jeweler to customize your ring and add engraving to it.

Ideas on What To put in Your Ring

Date of Your Wedding

This is one of the common engravings we can see in a wedding ring. Since your wedding date is a date you have to remember and it’s a special day. It will be right to put your wedding date in your rings. This will also serve as your reminder since not all people are good at memorizing dates.

Your Better half’s Name

Most people have their spouse’s name engraved on their wedding rings. Some jewelers even offer to have it engraved in the person’s own handwriting. That makes the touch indeed personalized. Find a jeweler who can make your engravings as unique as possible.

The Lyrics Of your First Dance

You can choose a lyric from your first dance then have it engraved in your ring. Or you can split the phrases and put them on your ring then the half in your spouse’s ring. That can make it more unique since only both of you know the meaning of what’s written in your ring.

A Phrase you Often Say to Each Other

Pick your favorite phrase that you often say to each other and have it engraved on your wedding band rings. This will make your ring more unique and keep the connection between you and your spouse. UT will be a sweet and fun way of reminding yourself how you understand each other with just a short phrase.


Come up with an image that both of you love, such as the sunset or the map of your hometown. Then have it engraved in your wedding ring. It will be a good way to reminisce about your past as well as rekindle your love for each other.

Having a guide to engraving wedding bands in Plano, TX can give you ideas on what to put in your wedding band things to make them more unique and personalized. The date and name for some are not enough to broaden your imagination and think of what symbolizes your relationship and have it engraved in your ring. Wedding rings are worn all the time and it is a way of reminding you of that bonding you have with your spouse. So used the engravings as a way to remind you of that love you have for each other.

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