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Add Cachet to Your Formal Attire by Wearing a Leather Hat

If you need a dash of style that can accessorize your suit and make you look sharp, you can opt for a fashionable hat. Stylish suits and hats go hand in hand, and a perfect hat surely elevates a polished look. However, there are many types of caps that one can choose from, making the decision tricky. In light of this, below are the trendiest leather hat styles that you can pair with your formal attire.

Add Cachet to Your Formal Attire by Wearing a Leather Hat

The Classic Top Hat

A top hat is a classic hat that goes perfectly with a suit, a tie, morning dress, or a frock coat. It is also known as a high hat, a topper, and a cylinder hat and offers a sophisticated look to the wearer. The top hat was associated with the upper class in the olden days, and social critics and satirists preferred wearing these high hats to symbolize capitalism and business class. Nowadays, you get top hats with a short crown height for a modern look. If you do not opt for bending in, choose a traditional leather top hat to obtain a dapper look.

Fedora Leather Hats

The fedora is a classic style having its inception in the 19th century. The hat constitutes a soft brim and a pinched indented crown. These popular hats also come in a multitude of colors so that you can mix and match with your suits. Choose a versatile hat that goes with any dress suit from to create a perfect look. In addition to that, you can choose whichever material you like apart from the leather ones, such as wool or straw.

Leather Bowler Caps

Also known as a derby hat, a leather bowler hat will set you apart from the crowd, whether at a gala event or a business meeting. It is reminiscent of the famous renegades, such as Bat Masterson. The American Old West preferred the bowlers, and it went out to become a staple of fashion in the hat market space. Coupled with a formal suit, a derby hat offers a rogue intrigue to the look and develops a sense of mystery around you. Such an ideal statement piece completes your suave appearance at a formal get-together.

Leather Trilby Hats

The ideal solution to look sharp is how you accessorize your suit. It will speak volumes about your personality. If you want a fun bohemian look and simultaneously sporting your apparel, you can choose a leather trilby hat. Such a fun and carefree hat strike similar to a fedora. However, it has a short brim, and the crown indentation is less exaggerated. It adds a cool pop of levity to your ensemble. This whimsical accessory will liven up your look and offer a charming style.

Leather Pork Pie Hats

The pork pie hats are a star-studded historical accessory that one can genuinely flaunt to reap its benefits. The entertainment industry increased the demand for pork pie hats with stars like Buster Keaton. The latest popularization of pork pie caps by Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White in the TV series Breaking Bad made it synonymous with notoriety. The cap constitutes a flat crown with a short brim, giving the wearer a sleek and sharp look. It pairs efficiently with any suit, offering an elegant look.

Leather Boater Hat

Although a boater hat is a semi-formal accessory for a cool summer look, it does go well with a formal suit. Moreover, the leather hat gives the wearer a savvy construction that can make heads turn. The traditional style of a boater hat, constituting a short and stiff brim and a flat top, gives it a dapper appearance. A leather boater hat goes well with all colors, apart from pastel shades or light-colored suits. Pair it with a cheery-looking suit and a tie ensemble, and you are good to go!

A Leather Ivy Cap

If you need people to focus only on your suit, you can choose a leather ivy cap. An ivy cap has a flat crown and stiff brim, accentuating the subtle sophistication of the style. Although traditionally made from wool, one can opt for a leather ivy cap that will complement the formal attire.

Leather Newsboy Caps

Many people believe that newsboy caps do not go well with formal attire. However, one needs to pair it with your attire to create an utterly charming look. The rounded shape is what gives it a unique style statement. You can opt from the numerous hues and styles. Distressed leather newsboy hats also show off the youthful spirit, creating an exuberant look. Pair a leather newsboy hat with modern attire to emit an energetic look in the formal gathering.

All the above trendy hat styles give you dashing looks. The demand for hats is on the rise, and you are sure to see snazzy hats at formal events. Grab a fashionable leather hat and do not lack on the trend. Snap up a stylish hat and couple it with your best formal attire for a dazzling look.

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