Amazing Home Remedies For Hair Loss That Actually Work

Hey dear girls, we are sure that you all have problems with hair loss and just for this simply reason we want to help you how to fix these most common problem for each one of you using a few very effective home remedies. The dermatologists say that losing 50-100 strands of hair is normal and you do not need to worry about. But when the hair loss becomes more visible and there are some bare patches occurring, the person suffers from a condition known as alopecia usually caused by hormonal disorders, stress and improper diet. So we want to share with you a few tips and home remedies that could help you with hair loss, we are sure that you have all needed ingredients in home.

Amazing Home Remedies For Hair Loss That Actually Worksource

Onion and Garlic

There are a few very useful ingredients that you already have it in your kitchen that could help you with your hair care. Actually the collagen which is necessary for hair growth can be be enhanced by sulfur and the sulfur can be found in the garlic and onion.
You need to take out the juice of the onion apply it on your scalp and leave it to stay for 15 minutes. Wash it off with water. Crash 4-5 garlic cloves, mix them with some coconut oil and boil it couple of minutes than leave it get cool. Apply this mixture to the scalp.


Another home ingredient very rich with sulphur and many other proteins and minerals such as iodine, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. You should use it together with olive oil. You just need to mix one white of the egg with one teaspoon of olive oil until you get a paste that can be putted on your scalp or hair. Leave it 15-20 minutes and then wash with cool water.


Hibiscus is very useful for recovering and refreshing your hair, it protect from turning gray and helps you get rid of dandruff. If you use the flowers you will be safe from baldness. Take two flowers of hibiscus and mix them in a blender with sesame or coconut oil. You will get paste which can be applied on the scalp or your hair. Leave it 2-3 hours for the best results and than wash your hair.


Amazing Home Remedies For Hair Loss That Actually Worksource

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