Are Wedding Invitations Expensive?

It is every woman’s dream to have a beautiful wedding. It is something not necessarily expensive–but something that is not cheap either. And, in today’s world, weddings can get pricey regardless if you do not invite that many people.

Since you are already spending thousands of dollars on the dress alone, how much should you allocate for wedding invitations? Those are essential pieces of weddings. But, should you shell out hundreds or perhaps thousands for invites?

Are Wedding Invitations Expensive?

Cost of Wedding Invitations

The cost of wedding invitations can depend on several factors.


For one, the quality of the stationery you get will drastically change the numbers. Cheaper materials can help you save money but know that they would not be as high-quality as the more expensive ones.

However, you can find good quality paper and envelopes that would not cost you as much if you have an assigned budget on the invitations. It can also help if you talk to a printing shop or a stationery boutique for the most likely choices.

Ready-made vs. Customized

Bespoke invitations are more costly. That is because a professional designer will have to work for hours on the design that you want.

On average, a designer will work around five hours for your wedding invitation. You will also have to pay for their hours apart from the printing costs and paper.

Ready-made invitations are a lot affordable since they only have to encode your details and can get printed as soon as possible. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to personalize these ready-made pieces, so this is the better choice if you are on a tight budget.

Or, you can design your invitations for a cheaper solution. If you are good with crafts or have a friend that can help you, that would be good.


The elements that you add to your invitation will also affect how much it will cost you.

For example, foiled wedding invitations tend to be more expensive compared to an ordinary one that is half the price.

Adding RSVP cards and multi-page invitations will also cost you more than a typical one-page wedding invitation.

Or, having photos of you can cost a little more than a simple text-only invitation.

Average Cost

On average, you can spend around £75 to £300 or more for a set of a hundred invitations. But then again, many factors can affect the price. Many brides have paid less, and many who have also spent more on that.

Talking to a printing shop that specializes in wedding invitations can help you get an accurate price for the specific design of your choice.

It is best to talk to several shops and see how much they will offer for the design you want and the number you need. This way, you can find the best deal that is within your budget range.

You do not necessarily have to spend hundreds on your wedding invitation. There are ways to save money, such as doing the design on your own or choosing ready-made options. However, it is useful if you can allocate some of your budgets to your invitations so you can play around with designs more.

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