Bags and Jackets—A Marriage of Style and Substance

While bags and jackets don’t make up the core essentials of a woman’s wardrobe, their inclusion becomes mandatory when aesthetics needs to be enhanced with functionality. Both jackets and bags provide the wearer with functionality which women’s apparel often lacks. There is, however, a method to the madness when it comes to pairing bags and jackets for women with any ensemble to create a particularly well-poised look. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Bomber Jackets and Handbags

Nothing spells confidence like a bomber jacket. A white, grey, or midnight black bomber jacket and a classic leather handbag in shades of pink, burgundy, or blue makes for a smashing combination. Make sure the shade of print-work on the bomber jacket, if any, matches with the secondary colours on your handbag. Throw in a bright halter top, a pair of classic blue jeans and white sneakers to complete the ensemble with a flourish.

Bags and Jackets—A Marriage of Style and Substance

Printed Capes and Tote Bags

The quaint cape, which may appear to be a little dated among other sartorial items of outerwear, is gradually making a comeback. Tote bags perfectly complement printed capes and create an ensemble that is both handy and trendy. While pairing printed capes and tote bags, try to create a marked contrast among your primary colours for a strikingly Bohemian palette. While shopping for bags online, make sure you consider the diversity of your entire wardrobe before making a purchase. A vividly coloured kurta, a pair of cotton shararas, and polished leather ballet flats can compose the look of a seasoned fashionista.

Bags and Jackets—A Marriage of Style and Substance

Shrugs and Satchels

Over the last few years, shrugs have become all the rage in the Indian fashion market. Available in a host of styles—asymmetric, poncho, waterfall, among others—the shrug has become a quintessential presence during the mostly mild winters across the country. Speaking of styling, the utilitarian versatility of a satchel bag heightens the minimalist appeal of the shrug. When selecting a satchel bag, paying attention to the shade and make of its strap is particularly important to ensure that it can be effortlessly slipped over your shrug. A plain white tee, a pair of straight-legged trousers, and flirty kitten heels can complete the attire.

Longline Jackets and Sling Bags

The longline jacket, a fashion staple for colder winters, is a fine choice when the temperature drops several degrees over the course of a day. Sling bags form the perfect accompaniment for longline jackets, amalgamating substance with style to create a dashing winter ensemble. Worn with a turtleneck top, cosy tights, and snug Ugg boots, this composition can bring out the diva in you.

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