How To Choose Comfortable High-Heels

Women adore high-heels. Did you know that heels are on the top of the list of woman’s biggest “fashion loves”? Wearing high-heels makes women feel more confident compared to when wearing flats. But, at the same time wearing uncomfortable stilettos can cause feet pain, especially if you stand in them during the whole day or night. Is there something women can do to feel comfortable in the heels they wear? Absolutely yes! Here, we have created a helpful how-to choose a comfortable high-heels guide for you. Read anything you need to know about choosing the most comfortable high-heels before you go shopping. Mind these helping tips the next time you go stiletto shopping.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Shop at the end of the day

This is an unwritten rule for stilettos shopping. At the end of the day, your feet are more likely to be swollen from your daily activities. So, when you enter the high-heels magazine at the end of the day you will get an idea of how the shoe will fit you the best. Never go trying heels in the morning. You may fall into the trap to buy ones that will be too tight for you when your feet are swollen.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Select the right size and fit

This is an important tip to mind whenever you go shopping for clothes or footwear. But, it is crucial when you go shopping for comfortable high-heels. You should be aware that different companies have different sizes. That is why you should always try a shoe first to see if it is your right size. It is essential to buy shoes, especially heels, that are the right fit for you. Avoid buying heels that are loos as they can lead to your foot sliding up and down. This way you can’t keep your balance. Also, this can cause many injuries such as bleedings, blisters, and ripped toenails.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Choose the shoes that have enough space for your toes. Cramped toes will cause you pain. Also, wearing heels that are not wide enough will increase the chances of developing hammertoes, corns, bunions, and arthritis. Avoid wearing narrow toe boxes that squeeze toes, too. Consider these helping tips when shopping for comfortable high-heels:

  • Round toes and almond toes provide more room for your feet than the classic pointy toes.
  • Pointy toes with even a slightly rounded almond shape provide more room than the wedge-shaped pointy toes.
  • A deeper toe box provides more room than he shallower one. Pointy toes with deeper toe boxes pinch less than round toes with shallow toe boxes.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Try on and wear the shoes around the store

Before you decide to buy the heels of your dreams, try them on in the store and walk around the store wearing them. This way you will see how you feel while wearing them. If they are too tight, loose, or uncomfortable in any way, leave them and try on another model. Never lie that the heels will get more comfortable over time. They won’t! Also, if possible, try walking on different surfaces inside the store, walking on carpets is more difficult compared to walking on a harder surface. Remember that you need to feel comfortable, but also supported and balances while walking in heels.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Practice walking at home before you take your high-heels out

Before taking your heels out, try to practice walking in them at your home. You can always return them if you haven’t worn them outside. Once you get back from the magazine, put on your feet those amazing things, and spend few hours walking in them around the home. This way you will put them to a test. If they pass the test, you are a lucky one. Just remember that you can’t strike as you do in sneakers. The higher the heel of the shoes is, the shorter your steps will be. Also, make sure to keep your heels vertical and do not let them roll to the side.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Go for leather or suede high-heels

Synthetic high-heels are cheaper and many women can afford to have a pair of them. But, at the same time, they can cause many feet problems as they are not as comfortable as the leather ones. On the other hand, if you invest in leather heels your feet and legs will thank you in a long run. Heels made from leather or suede are suppler. They are easier to adjust to your feet’ shape. Also, they will last you longer than synthetic leather shoes.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

Heel placement and thickness

Always pay attention to where the heel is placed when shopping for stilettos. If it is too far back, the heel is will probably not provide the desired support. The heel should be placed exactly under your own heel. Also, consider that the ticker the heels are, it will provide better support for your body.

Heel high

Extra high heels look amazing on your legs. But, they are also less comfortable to wear. High-heels between 3 cm and 9 cm are the most comfortable to walk in. Heels over this high put more tension on your lower back, knees, and ankles, causing more pain when walking in them.

How To Choose Comfortable High Heels

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