Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know

The world of hair color is full of different thrilling and intimidating hair dyeing techniques. Women who are bored of their natural hair color have so many options available to make some change. Ombré hair technique is only one of them. If you have been thinking of applying ombré hair color to your hair, here is everything you need to know about the technique.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

What is the ombré hair exactly?

Ombré hair is a gradient hair color technique that is typically darker at the roots and seamlessly transits into lighter shades at the end of the hair. This trend can be described as a low-toned color blend. What defines this technique is that you can’t strictly see the borders of the two shades, since they pour into each other gradually.

Typically, the ombré hair technique leaves the natural color of the root. Then the lighter shades are made by applying either lightener or bleach on the ends of the hair. It is up to you or the hairdresser to choose the mid-shaft depending on how high you want the transition to go. Once you get the ends lightened, the desired tone of the ombré effect is added.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

Balayage vs ombré: is there a difference?

Many women can’t even see any difference between these two hair dyeing techniques. But there certainly are some elements that make these techniques differ from each other.

Ombré hair is more of a color block. It is a technique that leaves the roots of the hair to remain dark while lightening the ends. On the other hand, the balayage hair technique offers hand-painted natural-looking highlights.

The balayage is a more of a sun-kissed look. This technique focuses more on the top layer of the hair, instead of the roots and the ends as ombré hair does. With balayage, the underside of the hair remains darker, while the highlights on the top layer give the hair a more voluminous look. This technique adds more dimension to the hair look.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

The benefits of ombré hair color

When you are planning to make some hair color change the best is to previously consider all the pros and cons of the technique you are about to apply. Below, read some important benefits of the ombré hair look.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

It is low maintenance and budget-friendly technique

One of the biggest advantages of ombré hair is that the color does not start at the roots. That means that you can avoid the appearance of a root line which happens all the time when the color grows out. And, there is nothing that a woman who dyes her hair wants more than this. Since the technique does not have a line of demarcation, it will require little to no maintenance. You won’t need to go to visit the hairstylist every two weeks as you may need to do with other hair coloring techniques. That means less money spent at the salon. And, that means more money to spend on other things that you like. A new pair of heels every month sounds perfect, right?

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

The technique is ideal for one-length haircuts

Most women rock the trend of one-length haircuts nowadays. And, if you think that it is quite boring, here is the ombré hair technique to add a little fun to your hairstyle. Ombré looks best on any single-layer hair length. You can try it both for short and long hair. Since the technique itself means color melting, you won’t need too many layers and you can perfectly apply this hairstyle to your short bob haircut.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

It can be subtle or dramatic

It is absolutely up to you which one you will choose. If you are keener on natural looks, then you can choose to only go with a few shades that are lighter at the ends. Keep the rest of the hair in a shade that is closest to your natural hair color.

If you still want to create a more dramatic ombré hair look, then you can opt for shades such as purple or pink. In this case, the demarcation line tends to be more dramatic if you apply them to the whole head. However, if you use the ombré hair technique, you will avoid the harsh roots.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

What you should know before applying ombré to your hair?

If you are about to apply ombré hair color, here are two things to consider in mind first:

Your color gradient

This is the first thing to consider when applying ombré hair color. Most women would choose to go two to three shades lighter than their natural hair color. That means that brunettes may try a caramel ombré. On the other side, medium blondes could look better if they go platinum in their gradient. Also, if you are a person keener to dramatic changes, you can also opt for a dramatic gradient or even for not so typically hair color schemes, like blue, pink or purple ones.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

The length of the gradient

Second, you need to decide how much of your hair you want to be lightened. That is closely related to your hair length. Longer hair leaves more space for gradient, while the short one leaves less space to play on with colors. The best choice, no matter the hair length, is to start the gradient towards the middle to the lower third of the hair length.

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

Ombré Hair Guide: All You Need to Know source

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