Dazzle Without Guilt: Why You Should Buy Ethical Jewelry

Did you know you can buy jewelry that isn’t ethically compromised? Read on to learn why you should opt for ethical jewelry.

Dazzle Without Guilt: Why You Should Buy Ethical Jewelry

Ethical jewelry is a sustainable answer to diamond mining that is done by hands and subjects the miners to potential human rights violations. Diamond mining that comes from that form of mining is known as alluvial mining and is a painful process that contributes to civil wars, financial warlords, and atrocities as seen in the movie Blood Diamond.

It is estimated that as much as 14 percent of the world’s diamonds are procured this way. As such, ethical jewelry has become the answer, and millions all over the world are enjoying the benefits of ethical or sustainable jewelry.

Discover everything you need to know about this hot trend right here and inform yourself of how you can dazzle your audience without a sparkle of guilt.

What Is Ethical Jewelry?

Ethical jewelry is lab-created jewelry and is jewelry that you can count on when it comes to knowing where it came from, and how it was made.

The diamond market and gem market in the world is one of the scariest, and in some areas can even trigger a civil war and mass crime events or atrocities. As such, in 2003, the United Nations has set up a process known as the Kimberley Process, which aims to prevent any gems mined in conflict to enter the market.

But the black market will always be the black market, and will never be 100 % controlled.
Ethical jewelry is the answer.

These are lab-created diamonds that are just as pretty as their mined counterparts.

To the naked eye, mined diamonds vs. lab diamonds do not hold a noticeable difference.

But you will see the difference in your wallet, and you can give ethical jewelry with peace of mind as well.

Why Buy Synthetic Jewelry?

Contrary to some opinions, many people think that ethical jewelry is fake. It is not.
Tools are used in the lab that mirrors those of the conditions outside of the lab, where it takes years for one stone to develop in the ground.

The biggest reason to buy ethical jewelry is that you are guaranteed its place of origin. Although the Kimberley Process does regulate much of the world’s diamonds, it can not guarantee with 100 % certainty that your diamond is conflict-free.

And it is this conflict that is creating the problem and needs for ethical jewelry.

When you are buying diamonds or gems, ignore the flashy marketing gimmicks and look for the words “origin” and “provenance” with your gems.

The word origin will refer to where the stone came from, and provenance refers to the stone’s last stop before you found it.

If you are dealing with a jeweler who can not define these terms for you, it may not be ethical jewelry. It’s that simple.

Invest in Ethics

It is estimated that Americans spend over $4 billion annually on jewelry for days like Valentine’s Day, and that’s just retail numbers for that day alone. Most of the time this jewelry may not be ethical jewelry, and today’s consumers are beginning to have a problem with this.

Many experts say that unless it is for a piece as sacred as an engagement ring, synthetic jewelry is not minded by customers at all. It is cheaper, sustainable, and just as pretty.

Invest in ethical jewelry today!

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