Fashion On A Budget? Check Out These Tips

If you are on a budget, but still want to maintain the fashionista image in front of others; here are some tips for you.

Shopping with priorities

While shopping for dresses, you should have a list of items noted. Priorities should be set. If you want a new designer dress for the prom night, you should check out the price for the same and reserve that amount. With the balance amount, you should plan your purchases in a way that you can buy every necessary piece of clothing and accessory.

Remember, you have coupons available too. Check out the maximum discount you are eligible after applying coupon codes.

Note: At this point, you should eliminate pieces that look old and are unnecessarily occupying space in your wardrobe. Remove them at the earliest so that you know what else is required. If not, you will have to shop more often, and your monthly shopping pattern will be disturbed.

Style? Yes!

If you want to buy something that is stylish, go for it!

However, if you are planning to buy something that is trending and will be out of fashion in the next month or year, skip that item. Some trends go out of fashion in a couple of weeks too. So, opt for style, not trends.

Did you know that sometimes even a cheap version of a dress available at a high street store can be as good as the designer version of the same? However, we would stress on ‘sometimes’ here.


Different stores have their own schedule for clearance sale. Start following them and get to know about it even before they organize it. If you have not subscribed to their mailers, you should Google your favorite stores and stay updated with the offers listed on their stores.

Plan for occasions

As noted above, if you are planning to buy a dress for your prom night, you should set aside an amount for the same. So, check your calendar and plan according to the important occasions marked on your calendar. Plan for every event in the month. In some cases, like your wedding, make sure that you save enough to buy the best wedding dress ever!

Looking for options? Visit and get inspired. Don’t worry about the cost because deals and coupons are there to help you get the best price.

Match them with your hair color

With budget restrictions, you cannot buy too many designer dresses. So, one of the options to look good with normal dresses is to match them with your hair color. For examples, if you have very dark hair, you should opt for black dresses. For brunette, brown is a color that should be on their mind.

Accordingly, you should even buy belts and shoes that match your hair color. This will help you look stylish, even with basic or less-known brand dresses.

Want to buy matching clothing and accessories online? is the store you should visit. While shopping at, make sure that you look for the best deals and offers available on the store. For this, you should visit the ‘sale’ section and look for the best deals and offers.

Apart from this, you can even get discount at Coupons are important because they can be clubbed with existing offers and deals to make them even better.

Note: Coupons are good, but one should use it before it expires to make the most of it.

Quality is important

Spending extra dollars on some high-quality purchases is better than purchasing many low-quality items. This rule stays good for everything you buy, may it be coats, handbags, shoes or dresses.

Remember, good quality purchases will stay in shape for months and even years. So, you don’t have to purchase a new lot every month. With low-quality purchases, we often see ourselves buying too many items every month. These unnecessary expenses eat a considerable chunk of our savings. So, avoid them.


While purchasing accessories, make sure that you do not buy something that can be dangerous. Pokie earrings or necklaces should be avoided. Even bracelets and scarves that are dangerous should be avoided.

Apart from the pokie items, one should not invest in plastic accessories because it looks cheap. You don’t want to give an impression that you are wearing something cheap. So, avoid it.

Colors and styles

Colors and styles are important. So, you should know what colors and styles look good on you. This will help because you will spend less money and less time shopping the wrong pieces.

So, know the styles and colors that suit you and be happy while shopping.

Note: For colors, invest more in solid colors rather than buying printed garments. This is because solid colors are easy to combine, and one usually does not get tired of them quickly.

Think twice

Well, if you are buying an extra item, think twice!

Do you really need it?

If you need it, do you really need it in this month?

If your answer is ‘yes’ for the questions above, go for it! If not, wait for a month or two, save money for the same and then buy it.


Invest your hard-earned savings in something that fits you properly. If it doesn’t fit you perfectly, you will spend extra dollars on altering the same. So, choose a dress that fits you perfectly and save money.

Have a budget

If you are planning your purchases, you should definitely have a budget. This helps because you will constantly be  thinking about your restrictions and make a choice that is perfect for you. So, you will not overspend. In some cases, you might have to leave behind that beautiful handbag or that amazing bracelet, but don’t cry over it. Discipline, in this case, is extremely important.

Second-hand shopping

Well, there are a number of stores that sell second-hand designer clothes. Look for them and save money on your purchases.

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