Straighten The Hair Without Flat Iron

Permanent hair straightening with chemicals or everyday use of flat iron can seriously damage your hair and appearance. The same effect can be achieved using a several natural home treatments. We are sharing with you a fey good tips for natural and damage free straightener of your hair. Do you want modern straight hair but don’t want to damage it with a flat iron? Learn how to straighten the hair without ironing. You may not have known this – but you should! Long straight, shiny hair has been the number one hairstyle for many years, especially among younger ladies. Since not every type of hair is naturally suited to such a hairstyle, in order to follow the fashion trend, we resort to straighten the hair with blow-drying, and most often with hot hair irons.

Having curly or wavy hair is actually a superpower. It allows you to transform simply and easily. Extra curly, curly, wavy or straight strands – this is definitely not something that every hair type can pull off. The key to unleashing the supernatural abilities of curly hair is simply a matter of care. To pay attention to the types of styling, to have the appropriate tools, to use moisturizing shampoos and moisturizing balms. You can straighten the hair and deeply regenerate and straighten your hair using a hair mask. Hair masks that are designed to restore protein to the hair can make frizzy and unruly hair look more relaxed. Try a hair mask that includes raw egg, manuka honey or avocado for a deep regeneration effect. You can also use heated coconut oil or almond oil on your hair as hot oil treatments to strengthen the hair.

Essential oils to straighten the hair

There are some essential oils that make hair look straighter. Some essential oils are easier to absorb into your hair than chemical products. Coconut oil, Argan oil, almond oil and macadamia oil, can penetrate the hair follicles, preserving moisture and repairing the cells from within. After using some technique to straighten your hair, apply the essential oil of your choice. Warming the oil by rubbing between the palms can facilitate the even distribution of the oil through the hair. Focus on the ends of your hair and make sure you don’t apply too much oil – you definitely want to avoid greasy hair. This not only gives your hair a sweet smell and a nice shine, but it will also straighten your hair, helping it to hold its shape.

There are some simple ways to straighten the hair without flat iron, and below you can find even more. Enjoy in our proposals!


Straighten The Hair Without Flat Ironsource


Just you need to mix a few drops of vodka in conditioner and apply after bathing. The low pH value will straighten hair. However, this method is not recommended for often use.

Banana and papaya

With the help of these two tropical fruits it is very easy to straighten your hair. It is best to mix a ripe banana, papaya and 2 tablespoons honey than leave the mask to act on your hair for 1 hour. Once completely dry, you can wash with shampoo.

Almond Oil & Eggs

Crack an egg and mix in 3 tablespoons almond oil. Add a few drops essential oil to add a nice smelling scent to your hair. Blend together until smooth and apply to damp hair. Leave the mixture on for up to 20 minutes.
Use a shower cap to prevent mixture from making a mess or wrap your hair n a towel.
Rinse hair with cool (NOT hot)water, and comb through using a wide tooth comb.

Straighten The Hair Without Flat Ironsource

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