valentines day gift ideas

Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

It is your first Valentine’s Day with a new love and you don’t want to look like an enormous lame brain. You could give your partner flowers or candy or you could show them that you care about them and that you have an imagination. There are a few alternatives to such conventions that make the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Memorabilia from a Favorite Book or Film

Is your mate a film buff or a book worm? If so, You may want to get them a memento of the characters they love. Figurines are always popular for those who love action movies. If your beloved prefers more sophisticated types of entertainment, you can always get them a poster from, or book about an independent film.

A first edition copy of a favorite novel will win the heart of any bibliophile. The autograph of a favorite author can also be a way to win the heart of the discrimination intellectual.

Make Them a T-shirt

The site suggests a custom t-shirt as a gift idea. If you have only been dating your partner for a short time, a grand romantic gesture may scare them. You may find yourself spending Saint Patrick’s Day crying into your Irish coffee.

Why not get them a custom-designed T-shirt? There are some web-based companies that will let you use their tools to make your own T-shirt, mug, or mask. If things work out, it will always be a reminder of your first Valentine’s Day together. If you break-up, they will have a souvenir.

If your T-shirt or novelty item is clever enough, you can make it available for other people to enjoy. Your little gift may end up being the next big thing.

Make Them a Mixed Tape

If this sounds ridiculously Jr. high, think again. Your mixed tape doesn’t have to be a compilation of love songs. It can be based on whatever it is that bonds the two of you together. Did you meet on the picket line, protesting the status quo? If so, you can insert a quote or two from an inspirational political speech.

Did you meet at a cosplay event? If so you can include a sound bite from a favorite cartoon.

Take Them to a Show

Getting tickets to a play or concert is always a great gift idea. Not only will you get to impress your significant other with your good taste, but it locks them in for another couple of weeks while you wait for the night of the show. They are unlikely to leave you before the big event. Be sure to promise them an elaborate meal before or after the show.

We live in interesting times and love and romance are not necessarily the priority of a population awash in masks and hand sanitizer. A well thought out present can show your special someone the good times that are to come.

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