Handy Tips for Buying Leather Wallets for Every Occasion

Just like women can’t imagine going anywhere without their bags, men can’t leave their homes without their wallets. A leather wallet is a staple in any man’s wardrobe, and aside from being functional, it can also be very elegant and sophisticated. Finding a suitable one is a matter of keeping the following factors in mind.

Handy Tips for Buying Leather Wallets for Every Occasion

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash

Aim for quality

There’s bad leather, and then there’s good leather, and differentiating between the two is a matter of asking the right questions. When making a purchase, ask the seller about the origin of the leather and how it was processed.

Also, check the wallet’s quality by inspecting its surface, texture, smell, and the edges. A wallet that has rough edges, smells musty and shows imperfections such as pebbles is likely made of genuine, quality leather, meaning it is going to last you much longer.

Think about the type of wallet you need

You also want to consider the type of wallet that you need. Bifold wallets, for instance, can be quite practical as they are light and come with numerous compartments. They’re also slimmer compared to traveler’s wallets. Lift a flap and you’ve got quick access to your credit cards and cash.

You can also choose an even slimmer version of bifold such as the minimalist wallet. Or, you can go for a trifold if you’re looking for something compact with lots of slots.

However, certain occasions may require you to go for something even more minimal. In that case, replacing large wallets with nifty options such as handy money clips for men can be a practical solution to holding onto everything without the bulk. They’re perfect for when you don’t need to bring more than a couple of bills and a card or two but also need something with superb holding skills.

Consider the size of the wallet

Different men will prefer wallets of different sizes. While it may be tempting to go for a larger one because of the obvious reason – extra storage – opting for bigger wallets doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck.

Quite the contrary – big, bulky wallets often end up looking rather unappealing, and wearing them in your pocket may make you look shabby. Your safest bet would be to consider the way you use your wallet and make an inventory so that you know exactly how much space to look for. Remember to exclude the non-essential items from the list such as gift cards.

Since wallets are one of the few men’s accessories, you want to keep in mind your personal style when choosing one. The wallet you get needs to be able to fit into your pocket without making you feel uncomfortable, so consider this when you’re choosing the size of the wallet, too.

Think about the compartments and storage

This is another thing to factor in when selecting the ideal leather wallet. While we all carry similar items in our wallets, not all of us have the same preferences, and your lifestyle will play a significant role here.

For instance, some men prefer to use credit cards to make payments. Because of this, they’ll need to look for wallets with compartments that are able to fit the number of credit cards they own.

On the other hand, others may not use credit cards as often and may prefer paying with cash. Some may also need to carry coins with them, so a compartment with a zipper is one of the must-haves for them.

Finally, some people may need to carry tiny items such as SIM or memory cards. In that case, a wallet with smaller slots will do the trick.

Pick the right color and design

Finally, you want to find a leather wallet that will be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. When considering the design and color of the wallet you’re purchasing, you want to stick with ones that reflect your personal taste and style.

Think about the artwork, the shade, and the overall design of the wallet. Generally speaking, leather wallets with a simple design that come in neutral hues are always a good choice. They look classy when you first buy them and with proper care, they stay classy.

Plus, they’re guaranteed to work for a number of occasions, unless you plan on getting a couple of wallets to wear for different occasions in which case you choose different colors and designs.

Wrapping up

Most men think of wallets in terms of function. While they are practical, they’re also accessories that can make a powerful impact when chosen carefully. Manage to find the right one in terms of style, size, type, and design, and you will have a functional and nice-looking add-on for every occasion.

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