Implicit Signs That Show You May Be In A Rebound Relationship

Have you just started a new relationship and you are head over heels with your partner? Dating someone new can be really exciting and fun, but do you know for sure they are totally over their ex? If they haven’t forgotten their ex yet, you may be in a rebound relationship. If you are not sure whether that’s the case with you, read this article and try to find the cues that will show you if your partner is really moving forward or just trying to forget the past. You may not be aware that you are in a rebound relationship at first, and I hope that this article is going to help you find out. Check out these Implicit Signs That Show You May Be In A Rebound Relationship. Although this dating can look innocent at first, it can be quite dangerous. Here are the signs that will show you that you are involved in a rebound relationship:

  • Either your relationship is stagnant or moving too fast.

All milestones in a relationship should be happening at a timely manner. Everything that is showing you that you are not going anywhere or rushing things may be an indicator that you are in a rebound relationship.

  • They want to make their ex jealous.

Are they still obsessed with their ex and they are always tracking them and trying to see what they are doing? Are you going to the same places so they can see that you are happy together or constantly posting photos of you two on the social media?

  • They are always talking bad about their ex.

Is your new partner always trying to make their ex look like a monster and pointing out how bad they were?

  • You are making love pretty often.

This is another sign that can show you that your partner may not be over their ex yet, so they are just distracting themselves with sex. In this way they want to get connected with you without trying to show any other deep emotions.

Implicit Signs That Show You May Be In A Rebound Relationship
  • They are not making long-term plans with you.

And by long-term plans I mean events happening a few weeks from now. This may indicate that they are seeing you as something temporary and that your relationship won’t go any further.

  • You have never met their friends or relatives.

Is your partner always finding excuses like how their parents are busy all the time and their friends have changed their plans? If you have got into that phase of your relationship when it’s decent to meet everyone and your partner isn’t showing interest in that, it’s time to reconsider your relationship.

  • It’s happy hour all the time.

Do all of your days include alcohol? This may be a sign that you may be in a rebound relationship and that your partner is trying to cover the pain with it. You can have a glass of wine at a romantic dinner but you should know your boundaries and how much alcohol is enough. If you’re not sure that it’s a sign, read this article on the signs of a rebound relationship to watch out for

The thing that you should keep in mind is that not all rebound relationships are doomed to fail. Once you or your partner have passed the period of grieving or mourning the ex, your relationship will work and you will have learned all the lessons that will mature your time together.

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