My First Time Experience Shopping at Misook (Coupon Below)

For a mother and a career woman like me, there are two important things that I look for in an outfit: comfort and fashion. So, I tend to be picky when it comes to where I shop. I only go for a store that guarantees me the two. My quest for comfort and fashion led me to Misook, an outfit online store.

My First Time Experience Shopping at Misook (Coupon Below)

In a world where every modern woman wants to wear what’s fashionable, Misook is making a good case for itself. They are able to dress a woman who portrays a sense of style and confidence. Well, this is exactly what I wanted when I visited the site. Here are the key highlights of my first-time experience at Misook:

Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to looking for what’s fashionable and trendy, size is an issue in most stores. However, this is not what I saw on Misook. I am a size 16 and you must have an idea of how hard it’s to find such a size in most stores. Since Misook wants to make the customer feel confident, they tend to cover all body sizes in every cloth trend that they design. So, there’s no particular time that you can argue that a particular design is only for a specific size.

Non-Disposable Fashion

When most stores join the online clothes market, all they want to do is chase after renowned models and celebrities to sell what they are wearing. So, they target consumers who are willing to wear what their personalities are wearing. Misook, however, has a different drive. They focus their efforts on non-disposable fashion. Simply put, you buy an outfit that you can wear for a number of years without having to worry about it going out of fashion. You don’t have to be chasing fashion every so often as what you buy is timeless.

Focus on Career Women

On my first encounter with Misook, one thing stood out. I realized that the clothes followed a specific pattern and there’s consistency all through. They focus on a woman who’s seasoned, industrious, and educated. Basically, the woman they are targeting is a career woman. This is a woman who’s either actively involved in a corporate discipline or someone who’s investing her time in philanthropy works.  In my case, it was the first scenario.

Accessorizing is Integral

After ordering a few dresses and tops, I realized that there was something missing to complete my look. After thinking carefully, it hit me that what I needed were a few accessories. So, I went back to the site to find the best pieces for paring with the outfits. I was very particular about what I wanted and so I went for exquisite sets of earrings and a few delicate necklaces. Am glad I made the choice as the accessories really brought the best out of the outfits I had bought from Misook.

Savings Opportunities

It’s not common to find a store that gives you several savings options. Shopping on Misook was really exciting because of their special offers and promotions. For one, I was impressed by the email sign up offers that they have. The welcome Misook coupons are important in saving on the first order. I was able to get a huge discount using the coupon. Additionally, I have been receiving deals and offers on my inbox because I had signed up for the newsletter. They also have promo codes and discount codes most of the time on the site. Moreover, you can search for on coupon sites for more deals such as Couponcause coupons for Misook.

Flexible Return Policy

Mistakes do happen when clothes are packed and so there’s always the chance that you may receive the wrong package. Misook allows you to return your outfit and have it exchanged provided that it’s unworn. The tag is also expected to be intact and no alterations should be done. Simply put, you are expected to return the outfit as you found it. There’s a deadline, nonetheless. They offer you 60 days from the time of receiving the order. You are required to return the outfit together with the return slip that comes with the order.

The Wrap

Misook has invested a lot in the design, manufacturing, and supply chains. That’s how they are able to differentiate themselves from other industry contenders. The outfits are both unique and classy, befitting the modern career woman and mother. So, if you are such a person, then I recommend the store to you.

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