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Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape

Summer is finally here. The sun is out and is here to stay! There is nothing better than using the sun’s rays to prepare yourself for the perfect summer body. It is the right time to get active again. And, if you are searching for a new twist on your old fitness workout routines, take yourself outside and experience some outdoor exercises perfect for summer.

Gyms can be perfect for getting your body back in shape.  But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many restrictions limited the possibilities to exercise indoor. Having that in mind, believe us, there is nothing that can compare to breathe of fresh air to boost your workout.

Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape source

There are few benefits that you can experience with outdoor exercises.

It’s a natural antidepressant. It will help you ward off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, and anxiety. The sunshine increases the level of serotonin, the most important hormone that affects your mood.

It challenges your body. Your body is more challenged when exercising on ever-changing outdoor terrain, which is not the case when you exercise on a flat indoor surface.

You can easily stick with it.  There are so many outdoor exercise classes held, especially during summer, and especially now, after the coronavirus pandemic experience, so you can easily find a group and get part of it.

You can turn it into a social outing. Instead of meeting your friends and family for a coffee, meet them for a walk! The next time you are planning to spend an hour watching TV, use the time to take a walk together with your partner or friends. Repeat it few times, and you will see how easy it can turn into a healthy habit.

It is free! You do not even have to pay any membership to exercise outdoors. There are so many well-lit parks, walking trails, bike tracks… that you can use to lose weight and breath fresh air.

Here are some fun ways to experience summer outdoor exercises to get back in shape. Scroll down the page to meet the best outdoor workouts to add to your healthy routine.

Hot Yoga

Some yoga practitioners claim that practicing in a hot room increases the amount of burned calories. You can easily check if these claims are true or not. Summer is an excellent time to do it. Experience toxins releasing and calories burning under the hot summer sun. There is nothing better than yoga under the shining summer sky. Find some yoga classes that hold sessions in the nearest park, or if living near the sea or lake, on the beach. You will enjoy the sun caressing your fat-burning body.

Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape source

Beach Jogging

Jogging is well known as one of the best outdoor exercises, no matter the season. But, beach jogging is definitely the most enjoyable one. You are not only getting a better workout, but you are getting better scenery. Because you should admit, there is nothing more eye-catching than the sun rising over the soft sand and clear water. Landing on the soft sand of the beach also decreases the amount of stress that the hard surface puts on your feet. This is another benefit of jogging on the beach. If you have the chance to do it, don’t think twice to experience this kind of outdoor exercise without equipment.

Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape source

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a perfect way of outside workouts to build muscle. Instead of your bare nighttime summer walks, give your body the chance to lose weight, by putting on a pair of Nordic walking sticks. Only 30 minutes of outdoor workout per day can make a difference in your body appearance. The Nordic walking sticks take some pressure off of your lower body, dispersing it, so you can achieve a total-body cardiovascular workout.

Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape

Circuit training in the park

Outdoor Park exercising has become very popular over the last few years. Walking in the park is not the only activity you can take to lose weight and shape your body. Today you can find so many parks with different contraptions and equipment along the side. The best is that you can use them whenever you want and totally for free. Thanks to the different equipment you can complete different outdoor exercises and achieve a full-body workout. These parks are something like an outdoor gym. The further better is that you can exercise while yet enjoying the summer weather and the fresh air. Is there anything better you can wish for?

Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape source

Mountain Hiking

Winter is the best season for mountain sports or at least for mountain activities that keep your body active and in weight-losing mode. Skiing and snowboarding are among the most effective and enjoyable winter outdoor exercises. But, who says that these activities are the only way to experience mountain adventures and shape your body at the same time. Summer is perfect for taking a mountain hiking excursion. The advantage of cooler weather in the mountains compared to the hot and crowded cities is perfect to try some outdoor exercises in the mountain. Get your boots, take water with you, and get ready for a new mountain hiking adventure that will keep you refreshed, slimmer and active.

Outdoor Exercises To Get Back In Shape source

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