She Puts A Few Pieces Of Foil Over Her Hair. When You See Why? You Will Want To Try It Out

Hey dear ladies. In this article we once more want to give you an inspiration and a cool tutorial about making perfect hairstyle. Below you can see clever and very simple trick how to make curls. The most interesting in this tutorial is that you do not need to use a hairspray and hair curlers. All that’s needed is some tin foil and and a flat iron. In the video you will see one super smart technique of creating a hairstyle – curling hair that you will want to try it out immediately. As you know the curling hair style can be a great for every occasion and the most of the girls love it.
The foil protecting your hair from heat too and also with cooking foil works best. And also here important for you to know is not to use too much foil or your curls get all mashed. This spectacular trick can be very useful in a pinch when you do not have a curling iron. So check the whole tutorial in the video below and enjoy.

via Brittney H

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