She Took A Selfie Every Day For 6.5 Years. The Result? Inspiring

Over six and a half years, 21-year-old Rebecca Brown made over 2,100 selfies, combining all of them into one fascinating time-lapse video. And yes this is beautiful in the way of seeing someone’s face transform over years and years. By the way she start with this project in 2007 when she was 14 years old and she has also plans to continue with this as long as she can. In the video, Rebecca’s style and features shift and mature, and she added powerful captions to certain frames to address what she was going through at the time. The photos show her physical transformation, but we also pass through milestone moments of her life where she posts notes about her bouts of depression, suicidal tendencies and more. In the video through pictures can bee seen her first experiences in many situation that he had in her life. And she also leaves an important message for her viewers in the comments section. “Beauty is more than what we see with the eyes. People are more than their conditions. I am more than my hair and skin. This only shows my exterior, I hope that people will check out my videos to see more of the girl inside,” she writes. Watch the video below


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