Shopping on a budget

Shopping on a budget? Eight Money Saving Tips For Smart Shopping

Most people adore shopping. They want to spend time and money buying things that will make them look and feel beautiful. But, sometimes people’s wishes to buy something are limited by their budget. Especially if it is about buying clothes! Consider in mind that fashion changes almost every season and investing in some expensive clothes that you can’t even wear the next season is definitely a smart shopping idea. If you are shopping on a budget, consider these helping money-saving tips for smart shopping. They will help you spend money wisely and always have a wardrobe full of pieces that will make you look fashion and modern at any season.

Shopping on a budget? Eight Money Saving Tips For Smart Shopping source

1. Time of the year to buy clothes

Rule number one when shopping on a budget is to shop at the end of the season. That way you can get the best bang for your buck. So, the best time for buying winter clothing would be (believe it or not, it’s not during holiday sales) toward the end of January and February. And the best time for buying summer clothing would be around the end of the fall. It is at the end of the season when most clothing stores have insane clearance sales. That is the time when the current season is over and clothing for the next one is rolling in the stores, so stores make sales to sell the left clothing. The prices of the items can be ridiculously cheap then. And, that is what you need, right?

2. Face the pain of spending by using cash

Credit cards may be the biggest reveal of the past century. But, when talking about shopping on a budget they can be a real enemy to humanity. People paying with cards are willing to spend at least double than the ones paying with cash. Researches have shown that when people pay with cash they become more cautious of what they are buying and how much they are spending on the items they are buying. Seeing their money leave their hands makes them being more cautious. On the other hand, shopping with cards is easy and you don’t see the money leaving your pocket so you spend more. If wanting to save money, then bring your budget in cash.

Shopping on a budget? Eight Money Saving Tips For Smart Shopping source

3. Say positive things about what you own

One of the influencers that make you buy things on impulse is your attitude toward the clothes you already own. A negative attitude towards your clothes, such as complaining about the things you have in your wardrobe is the main reason you buy new things. Instead, try with a positive perspective and start appreciating your clothes. Don’t say ‘My shoes are old and I need a new pair”, but instead say “I have my shoes for ages and they are still looking amazing”. Try it, you will see it will help you manage your spending.

4. Don’t shop on your payday

One of the shopping on budget tips is to avoid shopping on your payday. You should even avoid shopping for an entire week after you get your paycheck. You would ask why? Because when you have money to spend, you will spend more. And then buying something that you would not buy otherwise will become normal for you to have. The first week after the payday is when people spend most of their money by paying the bills, the bank loans, the mortgage… After paying these essentials, you can make a count of the money left on your bank account and then planning how much of them to spend on buying clothes.

Shopping on a budget? Eight Money Saving Tips For Smart Shopping source

5. Be willing to hunt

Always be willing to hunt when shopping. Women are more willing to visit different stores before they buy the clothes they want. That way they compare prices on the same or similar items in different stores. Men are less willing to do it, as they want shopping to be as quickly as possible and to shop all they need in one store. The stores know that and that is why different stores have different prices on similar clothes. For example, they can have low prices on some items like pants, for example, but extremely high prices on other items such as underwear, because they know you won’t like to visit more stores, but you will likely buy everything you need from one store.

6. Make a list beforehand

If you want to make smart buying, then having shopping on a budget list is a must. Having clearly what you need to buy is always a good idea when shopping on a budget. Make a list of the items you need to buy and then start crossing them put once you have bought them.  Once you buy everything from the list, you will know the exact amount of money spent. And the ones left for further savings!

Shopping on a budget? Eight Money Saving Tips For Smart Shopping source

7. Repurpose old clothing

How many items on your wardrobe just stay there forgotten? How of them you haven’t worn more than once in a lifetime, and after that one time you have placed somewhere and never worn again? Do you find yourself buying clothes similar to those ones you have forgotten in the wardrobe? Stop doing it. Instead, take a look at what is hiding underneath your wardrobe. It is one of the best shopping on a budget idea. To repurpose the clothes you already have at home.  The ones that can be repurposed and worn again should stay in there, the others you can sell or donate. Stop wasting money on things you already have at home.

Shopping on a budget? Eight Money Saving Tips For Smart Shopping source

8. Skip out on trends and buy timeless items

Fashion trends come and go. People spend an enormous amount of money on trending items that are often intentionally pricier, which is the wrong shopping habit. Instead of buying trend items, start shopping for timeless clothes that can be worn more than one season. Stick to basics, which can be combined in different outfits for different occasions. Also, try to buy colors that can fit everything else in your wardrobe. That is smart buying!

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