The Ultimate Guide to Living with Combination Skin

Oftentimes you found that some areas of your skin seem oily while the other parts appear as dry. Certainly, you want to know the exact skin type you have. Note, that you have a combination type of skin. The combination of skin is a mixture of two skin conditions. Mainly the T zone including the chin, nose and forehead appears less to extremely oily. Thus, today will get insight on how to live with combination skin easily.

The Ultimate Guide to Living with Combination Skin

Reasons for having combination skin:

  • Talking about the reasons the first one that comes in the category is the gene.
  • Maybe the skincare items for your skin are too acrid.
  • Stress in life can also lead to combination skin.
  • Lack of exercise does not provide adequate nourishment to the skin.
  • Maybe you are not relying on Sunscreen, which can also lead to a combination type of skin.

Ways to handle the combination skin:

Improper lifestyle and environment can leave a bad effect on your skin. Talking about lifestyle, it may disturb the skin balance. It can also lead to too much production of oil. Additionally, it can make your skin lose its moisture as well. Thus, today we have listed some of the hacks that you can follow to manage your combination skin.

  • Keep clogging products away:

The main thing that you have to remember is to keep the face pores unclogged. Therefore try to use products that are noncomedogenic. This is because these products whether for daily skincare or makeup won’t clog the pores. Remember blocked pores may damage your skin more drastically. It can lead to acne or breakouts.

  • No synthetic aromas:

Combination skin is a baby for you that means you need to pamper it. Understand and use products that won’t ruin the delicacy of it. That is why you should stay miles away from the fragrant synthetic products. The artificially prepared aromas are very dangerous for the combination skin. Also, note that the dry part of the skin is also sensitive to this as well. That is why combination skin should always look for natural skincare components. In this way, they can bid bye to the chemical products that irritate the skin.

  • Mild cleansers:

Any cleanser made of alcohol or sulfates when applied on the skin tends to pull away all the natural oil from your skin. Instead, you should use a mild cleanser that maintains the Ph level of the skin. On top of that does not make oilier.

  • Exfoliation is good for combination skin:

When you exfoliate, you actually take a chance of unclogging the T zone area. Once you exfoliate, you let the moisturizer travel deep down into the skin. The scrubbing wipes of the dead skin cells that cover the surface of the skin. But make sure that you should exfoliate once or twice a week. It is because over-exfoliation may make your skin coarser.

  • Two types of moisturizers:

It may sound weird but combination skin recipients should use two types of moisturizers. That means for the dry areas they should use anything, which is cream-based and a bit heavy. For the oily part, they should use a lighter and gel-based one. Now this will help to keep up the balance between the two- skin types. In this way, you can maintain the suppleness of both the skin area as well.

  • Should stick to the sunscreen:

No matter whether you are indoor or outdoor you should apply sunscreen on a customary basis. On top of that application of sunscreen is a must for both summer and winter Definitely it minimizes the harmful impact of the sun on the skin. note that moisture and heat treat the dry part of the skin normally. But it tends to make the oily T zone more oil-prone. Though there is not much specific sunscreen for the combination skin. In that case, you can use the sunscreen for oily skin only.

  • Exercise to keep stress away:

It is good to have a sound physical and mental health. You should not ditch the exercise routine as it helps you to stay away from the stress. When you exercise, the body releases a hormone called the endorphin. The peptides that make you feel good from inside including the hormone makes your body unwind. It even makes you rest and sleeps soundly as well. In addition to that, it also improves the circulation of the blood. The amplified flow of blood transports the oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. It also throws away the free type of radicals that tend to harm the skin majorly.

  • Nourishes the skin from inside:

You should try to include nuts and foods with a high level of fatty acids. Like, you can take the flaxseeds, walnuts. Additionally, add the omega 3 oil-based fish like salmon to your platter as well.

  • Take water

Keeping the skin hydrated is the main mantra to fight combination skin. Therefore you should rely on drinking plenty of water.

  • Don’t touch your face every time:

Remember not to touch your face too often because hands consist of bacteria and dirt. The moment you touch the face, you actually end up transferring those bacteria to the face. That tends to block the tiny facial pores and curb the proper breathing of the skin as well.

  • Have oil blotter sheets:

The combination of skin with oily portion might get oilier after a couple of times. That time you need to wipe off the oil. In this way, you can out of the shine but keeping your makeup intact.

  • Wash off your makeup before getting to bed:

Always make sure to clear off the makeup before bedtime. Now getting to bed with makeup disturbs the normal texture of the skin and clogs the pores. Therefore, you should know that that is the best time for your skin to heal.

Thus, these are some of the best guides, which you should follow to live with your combination skin.

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