This Creative Mother Captures Her Baby Daughter Doing. The Result? Totally Awesome

Hello everyone. For today we are presenting you one creative and totally ingenious project that this mother has made with capturing her baby daughter doing.
Our little ones are often creating such magic opportunities for artistic inspiration. Adele Enerson in the name of this creative mother, with truly amazing skills she created amazing things. The project was named “Mila’s Daydream,” and it contains incredibly photos from her baby and they’re on display in the video below.
While Mila’s asleep, Adele creates lavish scenes of fantasy, of which Mila is the protagonist. Every scene is with different content and every scene is unique and impressive. This will be a unique experience for Mila when she will grow up. How awesome remembering she will have from her childhood i want the same too. Now watch the video and see this cool and creative photos that will melt your hearth. Enjoy!

source  video: joyexpressed

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