This Girls Fills a Heart With A Hot Glue. She Creates Something Adorable. I Need To Make One

Hey ladies i’m sure that you love gifts just like me. And i especially love the one that are made at home and with love. I really appreciate all that effort and no mater of the value it is priceless for me. That is why i choose one really adorable and surprising tutorial to create this kind of priceless DIY gift.
Using hot glue and a few other tools, you could learn how to craft the cutest heart pendant that’s simple and stylish and the most perfect gift maybe.

The things that you’ll need:
Hot Glue
Heart template
Jump ring
Diamond stickers

The important thing to know about this DIY project is that it is not so hard you do not need any skills and it will just take you 30 min. For a more personalized touch it is better if you draw your own heart not to use template. Watch the video below and enjoy!

via Innova Crafts

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