How Sleep Affects Your Face

Everyone will be surprised when you look at this video. How sleep affects the appearance of your face? Maybe you have hear a lot how sleep affects of our look, but could you imagine how? In this video from BuzzFeed Blue, a group of sleep-deprived people demonstrate how you will look after 20 years of skimping on sleep — with the help of some talented makeup artists. It is no coincidence that we sometimes call a good sleep “beauty sleep“. It is because the way we lie while sleeping can make us beautiful, but also can make us ugly.

In any case, when we lie in a horizontal position, fluids are distributed in our body and go to the upper part of the body. Because of this our face is usually swollen in the morning. In addition to the appropriate selection of cosmetic products, according to the needs and type of skin, in order to achieve maximum results, it is necessary to pay attention to the time we spend napping, that is, during sleep. Sleep needs differ in different life cycles, so you should pay attention to that as well.

How Really Sleep Affects

The first and most important step is to clean your face. Because going to sleep with makeup on can damage your skin, leading to acne, allergies, infections… If you want to make sure that your face is completely clean, it is important to choose a gentle, moisturizing cleanser that will remove impurities. But without removing the natural oils that the skin has. According to experts, the skin’s hydration level drops in the evening, which is the optimal time for moisture accumulation. This is especially true if you have dry skin.

Do not forget about the lips, eyes and neck, they will be pleased with the vaseline-based cream. There are frictional forces that act while we sleep that accelerate aging and cause the appearance of fine lines, i.e. wrinkles. The best sleeping position is on your back. This means that no part of the face is against the pillowcase, to potentially wrinkle or fold. Such a sleeping position, on the side, if practiced for a long time, can lead not only to wrinkles, but also to an uneven loss of volume.

What Else Is Happening

In order to reduce the tension of the skin and hair, choose bedding made of natural fibers, preferably cotton or silk. It does not irritate the skin, but has a soothing effect, which is especially important for people with sensitive skin. And the pillow is also important, the best is an anatomical one, like a cradle. Therefore, it prevents the lateral position that leads to wrinkling of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. The room where you sleep should be cooler, because heat can provoke itching and sweating. An air humidifier can help you with this, which is especially helpful for dry and problematic skin. These are some situation how sleep affects to our face and body. Check out the video below and you will remain surprised!

via BuzzFeedBlue

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