Indian Beauty Secrets Over Years

Over the past years, WatchCut Video has been producing a video series on their website, titled “100 Years of Beauty”. The point of their video showcase is to show all the women worldwide the concept of beauty and style. They try to present how the concept of beauty and style has changed over the past 100 years.  In the seventh episode of their series, this US-based production decided to present how the concept of beauty has changed in India. They used the dancer-model Trisha Miiglani to represent the beauty concept changes during the past century. She then explained how the concept of beauty in India has changed over the last 100 years. Also, she shared with women worldwide many Indian beauty secrets that can be useful for them even nowadays.

We have all witnessed how much of the style these days has been influenced by Bollywood, as by the socio-political environment of each decade. Below, enjoy this 2-minute video rich with so many Indian beauty secrets. Furthermore, explore how Indian beauty trends have changed over the past 100 years. We are sure that you will enjoy meeting the beauty trends and styles of one of the biggest countries in South Asia


In the first ten years of the last century, or to be precise, in the 1910s, it was all about simplicity. Simplicity was one of the biggest Indian beauty secrets when it comes to makeup, hairstyle, and everything in between. In the 1910s make-up was barely heard of. The hairstyles were all about keeping long, oiled, and stern hair.


Ten years later, in the 1920s the influence of the west become more visible when it comes to beauty and fashion. The women in India were fairly influenced by their Western counterparts. One of the biggest Indian beauty secrets dating from that period of time can be related to braid hairstyles and bright red lips. These were the symbols of the strength and independence that women were seeking then. 


The struggle for freedom took on more momentum during the 1930s. Women started actively participating in all the activities. The Swadeshi concept had taken hold. That explains the return of the pallu, but with a more independent attitude. In the late 1930s, we can see how the Indian beauty secrets and trends start to evolve more similarly to the ones of the western world.

Indian Beauty Secrets Over Years

The 1940s

The 1940s can be called the decade of freedom. Most of the Indian beauty secrets from those years can be related to independence. It is reflected in the open curly hair and the much bolder look when compared to the previous years. The bolder look was enhanced with bold mascara and eyebrows, as well as the dramatic arch.


As the Indians go through the past century, they became more and more independent. In the middle of the century, in the 1950s, India was built into a strong nation. People, especially women from India began the acceptance of certain western influences. They also opened their minds and hearts to more western fashion and beauty influence. The old Indian beauty secrets were kept, but there was opened space for more that came from the western side of the Earth. Some of the influence can be seen in the open wavy hair, carefree and pallu-less look that represents the free spirit of the women of that era.




When it comes to the 1960s, we can for sure say that everything then was a sign of boldness. Dramatic winged eyeliner, bold bindi, incorporating accessories such as traditional earrings and bangles are only part of the 1960s Indian beauty secrets. The rule of pompadours was definitely forgotten in that period of time.


The 1970s were all about the hippie look. The Centre-parted straight hair, the trendy flicks, and simple but statement looks were the moving-forward fashion factors in the Indian fashion and beauty world.


In the 1980s color made a huge splash. The deep pink blushes, bubble-gum lipsticks, playful hairdos, and loud eyeshadow are only a few of the Indian beauty secrets of that period of time.


The 1990s were the years when some Indian women such as Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen made a mark on the global stage. The latest years of the past century were all about putting effort to bring back the “Indian look” while keeping it modern. Everything was about keeping the old Indian beauty secrets while giving them a touch of modern western influence.


The first decade of the new century was all about women’s power and free spirit. Most of the Indian beauty secrets dating from the 2000s present bold and statement accessories paired with wild and flowering hair. The fashion from that period is a balance between tradition and modernity.


In the next 10 years, women embrace their feminity, while making a mark in a patriarchal society. The fashion of the 2010s was presented with nude tones.  

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