Preparing A Nursery

What You Need To Know When Preparing A Nursery

The excitement of having your first child can last for months. While this initial excitement never fades, there will come a time when the reality sets in. There is so much to do before the baby arrives, and you only have nine months to do it in. That is if you get to work immediately. You need to re-organise your finances, sort out childcare, and possibly invest in a much bigger, or safer car.

What You Need To Know When Preparing A Nursery

However, the biggest change comes when it is time to prepare a nursery. Where your baby sleeps and grows will have a big effect on your routine, so follow these steps to get your child’s nursery as perfect as possible.

Decide Where It Is Going To Go

Any home with an extra room will easily find space for a nursery. From then it only takes a quick conversion of an office or spare bedroom to get yourself a dedicated nursery. Unfortunately, not every new parent is lucky enough to have an extra room lying around in their current living situation.

It is perfectly normal for new parents to keep a baby’s crib in the corner of their own room for the first few months. However, it becomes more essential for a child to have a separate nursery as it gets older. This will make things like weening and removing separation anxiety much easier. Therefore, you will eventually need to move home or redecorate another room to include a nursery in your house. Just make sure you pick a room closest to your bedroom as possible to make those night-time feeds and changes so much less taxing.

Decide On A Colour

The design of a child’s nursery is supposed to be bright and creative. A few pastel colours can be calming for babies. That is why you should try to find painters and decorators near you to get the job done in the right colour scheme. Odds are that these professionals have done plenty of similar jobs before.

It may also be a good idea to add some additional details to the walls. These imaginative images can stimulate a child’s creativity as they get older. This step doesn’t take much effort though. All you need is a few stencils and spray paint to get the job done. Your child will also develop more likes and dislikes as they get older. As such, you will find it much easier to personalise their nursery’s décor when they age up a bit more.

Decide Where Things Will Go Before You Start

One of the best things about a nursery is that it doesn’t require much furniture. All you need is a cot, a toy box, a changing table, and a place to store clothes. With that being said, these items of furniture can still scupper your decoration plans if you do not think about them correctly.

For example, some carpets in a nursery include a small section designed for playtime. This small area may feature a road map for cars or a board game. You don’t want your kid’s bed in the way of their play area. That is why it is important to think about where you are going to put things before you start decorating. Also, it helps to have a synergy between items. Most parents would want to be able to put their kid back in the cot after being changed in the middle of the night. There is no hope of you going back to sleep easily after a midnight change if you bash your shin while trying to move around a toy box or wardrobe.

Decide On What Design Is Best For You

Every parent will have their own way of keeping themselves reassured during the night. For instance, almost every parent keeps a baby monitor to hand, so they know when they need to head to the nursery. This means that you can use rugs or a white noise machine in the room to deaden unnecessary noises and help your child get to sleep. However, you may not want these things if you do not trust a baby monitor. Again, every parent will need to think about how they are going to approach parenting using their own opinions and experience.

Decide What You Will Need Later

The one surety of being a parent is that your kids are going to keep getting bigger. That means that they won’t be using a cot for very long. What’s more, they won’t always appreciate cute pastel colours for very long either. As such, you need to design your nursery with the knowledge that you will need to keep developing and expanding the space to accommodate your rapidly growing child.


Developing a nursery in your home needn’t be a huge challenge. Plan everything ahead of time and find out who can assist you and you shouldn’t have any issues.

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