5 Simple Rules To Prolong A Facelift

5 Simple Rules To Prolong A Facelift


Aging is a natural process caused by cellular and molecular damage to the skin. It can also be due to stress, excessive sun exposure, and gravity. Believe it or not, but gravity can cause connective tissue to become loose and saggy over time.

Fortunately, cosmetologists can help reduce the visible signs of aging via facelift surgery. Facelifts remove excess fat under the skin and stretch it out. It helps in re-draping the skin around the neck and face and drastically reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

While facelifts are a quick hack to reduce aging signs, they certainly don’t halt the natural degeneration of one’s youth.  If you do not take care, the results of a successful surgery will fade much sooner than you expect. Here are a few healthy tips to follow if you want to prolong the after-effects of the procedure.

Sunscreen is a MUST!

Multiple studies have confirmed that UV radiations from sunlight greatly accelerate aging. UV rays react with skin collagen breaking it down. Due to this breakdown, it loses its elasticity and tightness, leaving behind nothing but wrinkles and fine lines across your beautiful skin. So, always remember to wear sunscreen before you go out in the sun. Besides, the sun’s radiation is also a significant cause of skin cancer, and you wouldn’t want to increase the risk, would you? We advise you to consult a specialist and invest in a product with an SPF factor suitable for your skin. And this also brings us to the next point.

Use the right skincare products

You’re definitely worth it, but is every product worth your investment? No! Remember that not all the market products carrying mighty claims are right for your skin. Moreover, one product, if proven useful for one, might not be as effective for you. Every individual has a unique skin type, and chemicals in anti-aging products react differently. Never experiment with multiple recommendations. After a facelift procedure, you need to be extra careful, and consulting an expert before using a skincare product would be a better idea. Moreover, always use high-quality medical-grade skincare products for yourself. They have multiple peptides, collagen, and antioxidants in them that are the best ingredients to smoothen and brighten your skin over the years.

Nourish your skin from the inside out

A facelift only lasts till you’re healthy inside out. All those wrinkles and fine lines will eventually come back sooner than later if you compromise your well-being.  Focus on your health by having a well-balanced diet enriched with protein, vitamins, and antioxidants to reduce the body’s natural aging process. Researches have confirmed that the food components enriched in Vitamin E and omega fatty acids are necessary for maintaining healthy skin. Some wholesome sources include eggs, dark green leafy veggies, fruits, fish, and legumes. Artificial sweeteners and sugar are your hidden enemy after a facelift as it reverses the effects sooner than you would expect. Ditch them! A healthy diet will help you drastically slow down the body’s natural process of aging. Also, work towards improving your mental health and reducing cortisol levels. We all know what stress does to the face!

Say no to tobacco

The internet is flooded with the cancerous effects of tobacco. Along with being a known carcinogen, tobacco smoke causes premature aging. However, these effects are accelerated after a facelift when the skin is more prone to damage. If you are a regular smoker, you need to drastically cut it down to prolong the effects of facelift surgery. If not, all you’ll be burning off is the money you just spent.

Moreover, before a facelift surgery and during the healing process, you need to quit smoking altogether. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, which shrinks blood vessels limiting the supply of oxygen to the skin. All this collectively causes delayed healing with increased inflammation and chances of infection. Even after complete recovery, the reduced blood flow will cause excessive skin drying and limit regeneration. Your skin will start looking decolorized with the depletion of vital nutrients. Not so young and beautiful, after all!

Get fillers or Botox

Just because you got a facelift doesn’t mean you’re good to go. Botox and dermal fillers significantly augment the effects of a facelift giving more younger-looking skin. They help keep the skin looking fresh and plump and further reduce deep furrows, fine lines, and wrinkles. You will need to wait it out till the inflammation caused by the facelift settles down. It is recommended to wait for at least six months before poking more needles on the face after a facelift.


A facelift is undoubtedly one of the best ways to fix tired, aged, and saggy looking skin. However, like most non-cosmetic surgeries, maintaining the procedure requires post-operative care to delay reversal. You have to be careful and extra cautious after the surgery to maintain the results. Remember, nothing in the world can fight with time. Aging is a natural process. You can delay it, but you can’t stop it. And if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a facelift, you might as well take steps to enhance its effects to look age-edifying gorgeous for longer.

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