Four Things to Do for Healthier Skin This Winter

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your skin. The cold air can lead to skin that’s dry, itchy, red, and irritated – and it can feel like there’s no escape every time you go outdoors. The cold, blustery conditions can leave your skin feeling raw, and when you go back inside to the warmth, that doesn’t help either as the indoor heat zaps the moisture from your skin.

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Four Things to Do for Healthier Skin This Winter

#1. Limit Your Shower Time and Temperature:

A long, hot, steamy shower can be tempting when you’ve just stepped in from the cold outside, but the sad truth is that it can wreak havoc with your skin. Your skin will thank you for a short, 5-10-minute shower or bath with water that’s lukewarm rather than boiling hot. If you must take a hotter shower, then avoid skin dryness by patting your skin dry and applying moisturizer as soon as you step out. It’s also worth avoiding using water that’s too hot when washing your hands – if it’s turning your skin red, then it’s too hot. And, washing your hands in cooler water is just as effective at removing germs.

#2. Moisturize More Frequently:

When your skin is getting dried out by the cold winter air, it’s important that you increase your use of moisturizer to combat these effects. Moisturize after washing up, if you’re not wearing gloves, to avoid your hands drying out and maintain skin health. Creams and ointments are better choices during the winter; lotions are a better choice for a warmer climate.

#3. Continue Applying Sunscreen:

Applying sunscreen might not be the first thing on your mind on a gray winter’s day, but bear in mind that the sun is still there – and when it’s snowing, the snow will reflect the sun’s ray and cause damage to your skin that you may not even realize. Whether you’re having fun on the slopes or just out in the snow, it’s just as important to apply sunscreen in winter as it is in the summer. And, even on dark, dreary days, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still permeate the clouds and cause skin damage. The best option here is to use a moisturizer that contains SPF, to keep your skin hydrated and protected at the same time.

#4. Wear Non-Irritating Clothing:

Many winter fabrics can be very irritating to the skin, so it’s important to make sure that wool and other rough clothing isn’t directly touching your skin. Light layers, made from soft, breathable clothing such as cotton are ideal – they’ll add extra protection against the cold and create a barrier for your skin against irritating fabrics.

The winter weather can quickly have an adverse effect on your skin, so keep these tips in mind for skin that stays soft, supple and moisturized, even when the temperatures are dropping outside.

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