hair extensions pros and cons

Hair Extension Pros And Cons

Have you ever thought about getting hair extensions? Many women have considered getting hair extensions at least once in their lifetime. Hair extensions are very popular these days, but many women have been getting mixed messages as to the hair extension pros and cons. Having in mind all the pros and cons, many women out there are not quite if hair extensions are for them. Women have heard some horror stories related to hair extensions. Some of them are talking about hair extensions falling out in public, hair extensions causing damage, or hair extensions coting a fortune. Many of these stories are unfortunately true. That is why before you try getting hair extensions, you need to consider all the hair extension pros and cons.

Some women believe that if they have long hair or a good amount of hair they won’t need hair extensions. And, that is completely wrong. Hair extensions will add length or volume, but they can also add color dimension including highlights or ombre. Many women would definitely prefer this chemical-free hair color option rather than dying their hair.

Hair extension types and methods

For a good hair extension experience, you need to find the best quality hair available. And, consider that it won’t be cheap at all. You will need to invest hundreds of dollars in order to get quality hair. But, the best is that once you choose quality hair, the investment will be completely worth all the money spent, as the hair extension can last even for a year.

There are many different types of hair extension and hair extension methods available out there, so it is so important to find the one that best suits you. The hair extension type and the method you choose can determine your experience with hair extensions. That is why it is really important to choose a hairstylist that knows his job very well.

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Some of the most popular types of hair extension are presented below:

Synthetic hair

This hair is made with plastic fibers manufactured in a way to look and feel like human hair. It is more like doll hair, so it is not the type of hair you want for you. Synthetic hair extensions will cost less than $50. Extra tip: Any hair extension that costs less than $50 is not human hair.

Non-Remy hair

Non-Remy hair is hair swept off floors usually mixed with animal hair. This type of hair mats after the first wash. It is low quality, it is cheap and won’t last you more than few weeks.

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Low-quality Remy hair

A little softer and shinier version of Remy’s hair. The low-quality Remy hair is coated with silicone to last for one to three washes. They may not cost you more than $100, but t the same time this hair won’t last long.

High-quality Remy

This is human hair with the cuticle intact. It is a great grade of hair. The hair intact will keep the hair extensions healthy and shiny. To have the best Remy human hair you want to look for double-drawn hair, or better to say thicker ends. It won’t cost you more than $100 per pack and will last you 5 to 8 months because it is pure with cuticles intact.

Virgin Remy hair

This is the highest quality human hair. It is all hand-selected, processed with different technology to keep the high quality. That makes it being more expensive too. The process starts with virgin hair from healthy donors never chemically treated. The hair is cut, sorted, and cleaned with a natural gentle wash. Then, the hair is put through a long color bath for several days. Virgin Remy’s hair will last over a year with proper care. The bad news is that they are too expensive to invest in.

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Hair extension pros and cons

Hair extension pros

Extensions add volume and fullness to your hair. Adding lasting volume to greasy hair is so difficult, even impossible. Even the most vigorous backcombing will flat after some hours. Well, the good news is that hair extensions will help you say goodbye to limp, lifeless hair. Hair extensions will give you a fullness that will last longer.

Extensions are long-lasting. Depending on the hair extension method they can last around 3 to 4 months. And, once your hair comes to being refitted again, the costs will be at least half of the price firstly paid. Just remember that to make your hair extension last longer, you need to correctly care for it.

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Extensions come in different shades. They come in different shades and colors. That makes it easier for you to choose the tone that matches your natural hair color. The lowlights and highlights will add dimension to your hair and create a gorgeous effortless look.

Hair extension cons

Extensions can be high maintenance. Proper care is so important to ensure long-lasting. In order to have the everyday feeling after you leave the salon, you will need to care for your new hair as never before. You can still style it as you did before, but still, you need to pay a little more attention than before.

Extensions are always noticeable. No matter how professional your hairstylist is, there is always a possibility for your hair extensions to be noticeable. So don’t worry at all. You are not the only one1

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Extensions will damage your natural hair. Hair extension will definitely damage your natural hair especially if you leave them in too long. In order to avoid extra damage, use the correct shampoos and styling advice your hairstylist is giving to you.

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