How a Good Line and Sketches Construct the Career of a Fashion Designer

When it comes to fashion design, drawing is one of the most important parts for the artist`s concept and the ability to to showcase an idea. This is when the designer transcribes his ideas to reality, to become a real shape of what they want to bring to life. Without the drawing, of course, no one can really understand what they would like to express and no one will have an idea of what they want. Most people who aspire to be designers fail to understand the importance of drawing, about the great importance of small things, extraordinary lines and sketches in one`s career.


Strips, straps and stripes. Seam lines, hemlines, waistlines, princess lines and A-lines, almost everything in this industry is linear. All garments are cut using lines in order to be able to wrap around the human form and the fabrics are woven from that. The threads, seams or rows of knitting are all in forms of lines. Lines result to meeting edges, they can intersect but still remain lines. In technical drawings, lines are very important because they make the images easy to understand.

Line sketching is an extremely important way to convey an idea in fashion designing and they can be gritty, precise, wet, rough, soft, sheer, opaque or harsh in appearance. Lines slash through pattern pieces, cut hems, curve silhouettes and surround bodies. They can be pleats or ribs. They can be drawn using pencils, topstitched or even hand stitched and seamed panels. Actually, lines even appear without trying because they always present themselves in edges, in the coollar, lapel, and background or between figure. For this reason, for a person to excel in fashion designing, they have to understand the importance of swift, rapid sketches and master how to use them to their advantage in ingenious creations. A sensible line, a bold one or a diffuses one, all have different meanings, different expressions.

How a Good Line and Sketches Construct the Career of a Fashion Designersource


Sketching is imperative in fashion designing for obvious reasons because it helps convey the ideas, visualize the user flow, illustrate a scenario. Sketching helps to discover the potential issues or problems early into the drawing before it becomes a full design and developing it.

Before sketching, one has to realize what they are actually after and the kind of the design they have in mind. You can research a few details just to enhance the idea and develop it into an actual drawing. Sketching is the first step of designing in fashion and this is something every fashion designer ought to be able to do because it is of utmost importance if they want to grow their career. Of course, the best thing about sketching is that one does not have to be an expert to sketch, explore and experiment with design concepts, success will follow. Sketching has its benefits in fashion design because it saves times in the work process, in case of a design team it is great in brainstorming to come up with new ideas and really refines the end result.

How a Good Line and Sketches Construct the Career of a Fashion Designersource

Some of the most glamorous ideas have sketch with a simple sketch, it is simply a powerful process because it help discover creations that soon become the next trend that everyone loves. Besides that, it is almost impossible to freestyle a design out of thin air without even hashing out the ideas you have. For this reason, sketching is absolutely important in your fashion design career.

Expore, experiment and thrive, design in every shape wins in the end.

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