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Why Is Hermès Bag Totally Worth The Price

Hermès is definitely one of the most expensive bag designers. It is a fact that only a few people around the world can afford to have a Hermès bag in their closet. The reason is definitely the enormously high price. There are tons of reasons why Hermès handbags are so expensive. One Birkin Hermès bag can cost you a real fortune. But, believe it, a Hermès bag is an investment for a lifetime. The power behind the Hermès brand is due to their limited quantities. Thanks to that, the brand creates a high level of scarcity and exclusivity others brands haven’t still achieved. A Hermès bag has big resale values too, so once you want to resale it, you can easily recover your investment.

Why Is Hermès Bag Totally Worth The Price source

The Birkin specifically is the most sought-after handbag of all. Since it was seen in the arms of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Moss, the bag’s popularity has exponentially increased. In the article below you will read why the purchase of a Hermès bag is totally worth it.

Hermès values tradition

One of the factors that differentiate Hermès from the other bag’s designer brands is the fact that the company is still an independent, fully family-owned company. Because of that, the company has the flexibility to maintain its old-world craftsmanship and skilled employees. The combination of these is what makes the Hermès bags being so luxurious. Other designer brands outsource their production to cost-effective factories which is not the case with Hermès. Because of this, workers in other companies may lack the important skills and production abilities, which make the bags they produce less quality and good-looking. Hermès, keeping it traditional, is doing it the best a company can do.

Hermès bags come as close to perfection as a handbag can get

What makes Hermès bags so special is the fact that all the bags produced from the brand are hand-made. It is believed that when something is made by human hands, there are many possibilities to be without flaws. In the case of Hermès, it is totally true. The brand strives for perfection. As a company, they have standards that make sure that the leather is always 100% blemish-free, the stitching tight and the hardware free of any scratches. So, never be surprised by the perfection of the bag. Professionalism and perfection are the company’s recognizable signs.

Why Is Hermès Bag Totally Worth The Price

Hermès bags always have an expensive appearance

Ensuring the expensive bag look expensive may be a real challenge for designers. That is not the case for Hermès. The company does its best to ensure their bags look always expensive. Thanks to the fine materials and careful construction, even the vintage bags look luxurious and amazing. You can be 100% sure that you will always get what you are paying for.

The value of the bags never fluctuates

Buying a Birkin bag is a lifetime investment. You may spend a real fortune buying the bag, but the investment will always pay off. Whenever you want to sell the bag, you can do it. The best is that the Hermès bags retain their value, or can become even more valuable. If you make a little research on the bag’s market, you will see that the Hermès Birkin bags prices increase every year.

Why Is Hermès Bag Totally Worth The Price source

Hermès is known for its incredible use of color

Hermès is the queen of the colors! No other brand can achieve the color perfection Hermès does. Dying the leather can be a really difficult process to do. Getting the right color shade, especially for colors such as red or purple, can be so hard to do. However, Hermès has mastered the skills of dying any color from the palette, which makes them being so special. And, color diversity is their recognizable sign, so you will definitely find your favorite shade among the bags.

Why Is Hermès Bag Totally Worth The Price source

Hermès endless choices

The brand is offering a variety of leather, sizes, and hardware options. Next to the choice of the color, you can choose from a wide range of different models made of different leather types in different sizes. In their luxurious and limited collections, you can find something for literally everyone’s taste. Have you imagined the bag of your dreams?  Hermès makes the dream bag come reality.

Hermès never give away their bags to anyone, not even celebrities

The company is well known as one which refuses to give away their bags for free to any celebrity. If you see a celebrity wearing a famous bag, and you think that she is sponsored by Hermès, then you are wrong. Every single bag that you see to be worn is owned by the person wearing it. And, the person wearing it has fully paid for the bag. Even Jane Birkin, the muse of the Birkin bag has paid the full price for her bag, as she has claimed in public.

Why Is Hermès Bag Totally Worth The Price source

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