How to Care for Your Beard

Growing a beard takes patience and an art of grooming. You have to know how to care for your beard if you are going to wear a healthy one. There are simple rules to caring for a beard which may seemingly appear obvious, meaning these can easily be overlooked. Here is a list to help you care for your beard:

How to Care for Your Beard

  1. Wash Regularly

You need to wash your beard regularly to get rid of build-up and dirt. Neglecting to do so can lead to knots and dirt which will cause you to itch. Germs manifest in dirt meaning your beard won’t be exempt. The build-up can cause a break out in pimples and rash which will mean you may scratch your face often, which is uncomfortable. Make sure to wash your beard every time that you take a bath or shower. You can massage shampoo into your beard and gently remove any sweat or particles that may be in the beard.

  1. Moisturise Your Beard

A dry and brittle beard can be uncomfortable. You may experience itching and a loss of beard hair. You should make sure to moisturise your beard after you take a shower or bath. You can use natural-based oils such as jojoba or coconut, which are also believed to aid growth. You can also naturally moisturise your beard by misting—misting means spraying water from a spray bottle to make sure that the beard doesn’t dry up.

How to Care for Your Beard

  1. Regularly Trim Ends

The ends of the beard should be regularly trimmed to avoid stunt growth and tangled hairs. You need to look for the best electric beard trimmer to avoid a poorly looking beard by using a low-quality trimmer.

When you trim your ends, make sure to moisturise your beard first to make for even combing. You need to comb your beard in a downward motion to make sure that the hair is even. You then gently pull your beard down towards your chest and begin trimming the ends. If you have a short beard, make sure to moisturise your chin and cheeks to avoid scraping. You can then comb out any tangled hairs before you begin trimming. Once you are done trimming, you can brush your beard and appreciate the trimmed style.

  1. Comb or Brush Your Beard

You should comb your beard to get rid of any lodged particles such as food. You need to look for a quality comb or brush to make sure that you don’t tug at your beard. Although combing and brushing your beard is recommended, you mustn’t overly comb or brush it. Frequently doing so only irritates the hair contributes to a brittle texture. You may also experience hair loss if the brushing or combing is excessive.

The type of comb or brush that is most suitable for your beard depends on your hair type. If you have soft hair, a hard brush will only tug at your hair and possibly scratch you. If your beard is tough, a soft brush might not work efficiently. You may need to try out different brushes and combs to see the ones that work best for you.

  1. Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals such as dye or chemical-based products can destroy your beard. Chemicals can burn your skin or cause rash, scabs and pimples. Chemicals can also facilitate hair loss and permanent darkening of your skin. Other chemical reactions include swelling of the face, dizziness, trouble breathing, and temporary blindness. If you must dye your hair, you may want to consider it less than a handful of times and if you experience any of those side-effects, you should seek medical treatment.

  1. Don’t Pull Your Beard

Pulling or tugging at your beard may be a subconscious habit that may ruin your beard. Some pull at their beard when thinking or anxious. You may want to replace this habit with a less destructive one. Any pressure on your beard can result in pulling of hair and stunt growth.

  1. Eat Protein

Your beard is made from protein, meaning enhancing the quality of your beard requires including protein in your diet. Foods that are healthy for hair include nuts, egg yolk, and milk.

This is not to say if your beard isn’t blossoming then you aren’t eating healthy. Not everyone is destined for a beard and sometimes you can trace this to genetics. If you have never had a beard before, you may just fall under the category of those who don’t grow beard regardless of any effort.

  1. Care for the Skin Underneath

You can’t nurture your beard without caring for the skin underneath. This means you have to equally nurture your face. You can feel the skin underneath your beard for any bumps, lumps, or rash. If you notice that the skin isn’t in the best shape, you should consult your dermatologist or doctor. You will be advised of the further steps you can take regarding your beard and skin.

  1. Let It Be

You have to avoid becoming obsessed with your beard’s growth, texture, or shape. Becoming obsessed means constantly checking on any progress that you would have set out for. By doing so, you may also be tempted to manipulate it to grow a certain way or try several different products at once to see if one will work the magic. Your beard will take its natural form if you just let it be. You need to groom it and care for it, but not to over-do it.


Caring for your beard requires persistence, gentleness and patience. You should wash your beard regularly, moisturise it, and trim the ends using a quality beard trimmer. You should also brush or comb your beard to rid of any particles and tangled hair. Avoid putting chemicals into your beard such as dyes as this can damage your beard and skin as well as cause chemical reactions. Avoid pulling and tugging at your hair and you must include protein in your diet. Be patient with your beard, and let it be.

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