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Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make And Should Avoid

Many women looking back at their outfits on photos from years ago could find many critics about the way they used to dress. Fashion changes, as we all know, but what stays forever is the style. In order to look always modern, you don’t need to be a fashion trends slave, but you need to build your own style. Let us present to you some of the most common fashion mistakes women make that don’t help them in building their own fashion style. Read these fashion mistakes below, and avoid them if you want to look and feel like a fashionista.

Revealing too much

Fashion mistake number one: Revealing too much! Stop doing it immediately! There may not be something wrong with a little sex appeal, but just if you are doing it tastefully enough. Revealing too much skin and not leaving anything to the imagination is definitely wrong, and both women and men will agree. A skirt or a dress that is too short and tight has never looked fashionable on any woman. Instead of that, you could wear an open back dress or a leg slit dress which is sexy enough and at the same time classy and elegant.

Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make And Should Avoid source

Wearing the wrong size

Many women make this fashion mistake, and instead of buying the right size for their body shape and size, try to buy smaller or bigger sizes. Wrong in both cases! Wearing bottoms that are too tight will end up revealing an unappealing mugging top. Avoid buying smaller sizes with the hope of getting slimmer in the future. Once you get slimmer, you can buy yourself a new piece. Wearing clothes that are too oversized is a mistake too. Bigger size than the ones that fit you will completely drown you out. Remember, you should be the one wearing the clothes, not reverse. So, the next time you go shopping, ensure to buy the right size for your body.

Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make And Should Avoid source 

Not evolving with the fashion evolution

Yes, one of the biggest fashion mistakes women do is staying in the same fashion era for the rest of their lives. As we already said, fashion changes with the years passing by, with the tendency of repeating. You may want to maintain the sense of style you have built on yourself, but don’t let end caught in a fashion era that is over years ago. Instead, evolve as the fashion evolves too, and keep your style according to the new fashion trends.

Wrong undergarments

One of the fashion mistakes to avoid is wearing the wrong underwear. Many women neglect the importance of the undergarments just because it is hidden and no one else can see it. Wrong! No matter the fact it is hidden, the underwear is one of the most important pieces you wear, and always be sure to have the right one. It must be comfortable, but at the same time, you need to take care to be less visible any time you can do it. There is nothing attractive about someone wearing a sheer dress and visible panty lines under it, right? Well, try to avoid VPLs when you need to. Also, give a chance to the push-up bra, the strapless bra, and pasties. They could be your big fashion fiends, indeed.

Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make And Should Avoid source

Not dressing for the occasion

One of the biggest killers to the mood is appearing somewhere not dresses appropriately. Imagine being invited to a party and get there in the completely wrong outfit. You wouldn’t feel comfortable right? Well, in order to avoid such a thing, always try to dress for the occasion. No one would feel good about being under or overdressed for a situation, so the next time you are invited somewhere first asks about the dress code. If there is no chance to do it, and then remember the golden rule: it is always better to appear overdressed than underdressed.

Shopping for Instagram

It is the era of Instagram, and many women make this new age fashion mistake: shopping for Instagram, which is completely wrong. Having Instagram and the newest trends it brings on the fashion scene in mind when buying new clothes is a total mistake. People nowadays try to buy more of what is trendy and modern on social media rather than what they actually like.

Most Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make And Should Avoid source

Dressing for anyone other than yourself

Another fashion mistakes more and more women make is dressing for someone else rather than themselves. Many women dress in some outfit just with the intention to get the attention of another person or to impress someone. What they should really understand is that women need to dress only for themselves. They don’t need to pretend to be someone they are not. Women don’t need to compete with other women or to show them up. All they need to do is feeling confident with whatever they wear, to love themselves the way they are, and to enjoy the art of fashion and being different.

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