Nina Agdal For BABE

BABE has published their new catalog with an outstanding and eye-catching collection. There are absolutely no words to describe this stunning collection, so we invite you to see it on your own and enjoy it to the maximum. We are sure you will. The collection was presented by the absolutely gorgeous model Nina Agdal. She poses in a colorful range of clothing that no woman could ever resist.  All the fitting dresses, maxi dresses, crop tops, and more are the dream come true for every modern woman out there. In the gallery below you will explore a collection of sexy and stylish dresses with feminine accents. This is one of the best collaborations of Nina Agdal with BABE.

Meanwhile, you will enjoy discovering some interesting details you didn’t know about Nina Agdal. Nina Agdal will definitely impress you with her stunning modeling qualities. And, we are sure that you will enjoy meeting the model from closer. Models are not just pretty faces. They are ordinary people as we all are. So, below, be sure to find out interesting details about Nina Agdal’s life that will prove you the previously said. Here we go with a few things that you didn’t know about Nina.

Nina  Agdal For BABE

She was discovered by accident or perhaps just by coincidence!

Do you believe in miracles? Well, one really happened to Nina Agdal. One day she was simply walking down the street and someone decided to offer her a modeling contract. Yes, this is not a novel or a movie scene. It is Nina Agdal’s true story of how she was “found”. Or, at least it is the closest to the truth of what happened when Nina was first picked up to enter the modeling world.

Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABE

She had absolutely no modeling experience when she was picked up!

When she was first discovered by the modeling agency, she had zero experience in modeling. However, she soon managed to fill the gap of having no experience from the moment she was selected to start modeling to the moment modeling become her professional career. Nina Agdal was really fast at making her dream come true.

Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABE

Social media loves her so much!

Social media is a part of our lives that we can’t imagine living without. Especially, famous people, such as models. And if you even take the time to notice you may find out that several top models have more than millions of followers on social media. Nina Agdal is one of them. Her profile on social media is very popular.  People online enjoy seeing moments and details of her everyday life as well as her professional moments on the fashion stage.

Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABE

She started modeling at a really young age

Nina Agdal started modeling at the age of 15. Most people will agree that this is a really young age to start such a career and that it can be a detriment to their development. Others, on the other side, think that this is a super appropriate age for starting modeling. What is important is to have luck enough can lead to a very posh life later, if they stay relevant in the modeling world. However, we can say both of them are right because it is a little hard to argue each side. Starting modeling at a young age has its benefits as well as its disadvantages. In the case of Nina Agdal, considering how popular she is, we can for sure say that starting at this age was a really wise decision to make.

Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABE

Nina Agdal is fond of stating that she has fashioned her career in the same manner as several of her idols

Most supermodels are idols to some people out there. But, as we mentioned before, models are ordinary people as well.  So, it is not a surprise that they have their own idols that they want to be or to look like. In the case of Nina Agdal, we can say that her idols are Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian. She has been saying that her career has been modeled along the same lines as these two women who she likes so much. Considering their popularity, we can for sure say that following their steps in her modeling career is not a bad idea at all.

Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABE

Nina Agdal has had relationships with a few notable men in Hollywood

There is nothing more interesting for fans than exploring details about the personal (especially love) life of their favorite models. Out there have been a lot of rumors about the men that Nina Agdal has even been in a relationship with. Joe Jonas and Leonardo DiCaprio are two of the names that seem to have been on the list of the men Nina has been with throughout Hollywood. We are sure that there have been a few more as well.

Nina  Agdal For BABE Nina  Agdal For BABEsource

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