The Role of Technology In Fashion Industry

Technology changes the world by leaps and bounds. It has propelled the growth of human society in many different ways. From the basic needs of food and clothing to advanced robotics and health care, technology has rapidly become an indispensable and highly effective tool in the modern era. Since man exists on the Earth, clothing has been both a necessity for human civilization and a means of showcasing someone’s culture and interests. That is the reason why technology has found its way into fashion too. All the industries are impacted by technology. Fashion is no exception too. Technology in fashion had brought a wide array of different styles of clothing.

Thanks to the powerful technological tools, today, all the creative ideas of fabric designers can easily become a reality. Experts predict that the infusion of technology in fashion, which increases rapidly in the last few years, will make all garments being sustainable, up to the end of the next decade. What do you think are the best examples of using technology in fashion at the beginning of the third decade of 21 century? Continue reading to identify all the contributions that technology has brought to the fashion industry.

Material Innovation

In the new era we are living in, the eco-friendly approach should exist in all shapes. Since ever the use of animals has been evident as the biggest source of materials for clothing production. But, in the last few years, all over the globe, appeared many organizations requiring saving the animals from suffering for the sake of fashion. That made fashion brands seek new ways to produce sustainable clothing.

Many organizations have set a new set of values that will enable us to live in harmony with the nature in future. For that reason, the use of animals and their natural materials in the production of new clothing materials will decrease rapidly.

There have appeared some ways of making fur, leather, or silk without the use of animals. Some designers, such as Stella McCartney have already implemented the new innovative materials in their new collections. She launched a vegan leather jacket and vegan handbags. Adidas, on the other hand, launched a limited edition of sneakers made from the plastic collected from the ocean. The company made its idea a reality by cooperating with the “Parley for the Oceans” organization.

Thanks to technology and its impact on the fashion industry, very soon the world will be dressed in sustainable and eco-friendly couture. Recycled and organic materials, such as the ones produced by orange peels, mushrooms, and algae, are opening a new era in the fashion industry.

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3D Printing in Fashion

3D Printing has many benefits for the fashion industry. The main among them is its availability and accessibility to the general public and openness to the mass market. Thanks to 3D printing professionals are enabled to transcend any boundaries of designs. 3D printing allows the designers to make even the most improbable projects a reality.

One of the main values of 3D printing is the possibility to combine different materials into one piece. Thanks to 3D printing it is possible to combine waterproof textile with a flexible fabric, all in the same piece of cloth.

It offers unnumbered ways to create, so now it all depends on the designer’s imagination.

Also, 3D printing made it easier to customize the garments.  It allows fashion brands to create apparel depending directly on the individual people’s body shape, size, or height.

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From CAD to Machine Learning

One of the biggest contributions of technology in fashion design is thanks to the advent of Personal Computers. They allowed fashion designers to take creativity of modern fashion designing to a next level. Thanks to the tech gadgets today we are witnessing massive advancements in patterns and styles.  Compared to traditional tools, the adoption of CAD software made it easier for designers to draw and invent new styles.

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Digital Clothing

In the new digital era, technology has pushed consumers towards a digital self. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the advent of social media, today, fashion brands can easily examine consumer’s preferences and tastes.

First, marketers investigate any possible consumer segments towards social media interactions, exchanges, and consumption on the Internet.  Then, using social media as a tool for showcasing the lifestyle and expressing fashion tastes, brands easily deliver customized services to their consumers.

The Role of Technology In Fashion Industry source

Artificial Intelligence Fashion Designer

Firstly, thanks to AI, fashion designers can easily predict upcoming trends. AI is reshaping the world itself, and the fashion industry is no exception at all. Secondly, with the help of AI, designers can minimize the impact of new trends on the environment. However, we all hope that thanks to AI, one day soon in the future, we can see fashion designers, launching new out-of-this-world clothes. AI is moving the world ahead, as well as the fashion industry, so we are sure that day is so close.

The Role of Technology In Fashion Industry source

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