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Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings for Women

Shopping for the unique wedding rings for women might be daunting, but it is not that rocket science. To help you in this research, we have gathered some of the easy steps to help you in choosing the elegant and ideal wedding ring at the beginning of your love life, to make her say YES!

Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings for Women

Tips for choosing the right wedding rings for women

1.     Size

The foremost thing, to choose the right wedding rings is to know the right size of her finger. Hence, to do, it is best to trace the outside and inside circumference of the ring. Anyhow for that reason if you cannot find the old ring, do not fret for it. After all, you can use your friends for this purpose. You can get your beloved one, to try the rings to get an idea about her size.

2.     Shape

The other important thing to know is to get the shape that anyone can fall in love with. Hence, the moissanite crystal  shape is essential. There are several shapes to choose from. However, the famous one is the marquise, princess, round brilliant, emerald, heart, square, princess, oval and compassion when it is the matter of wedding rings for women.

3.     Know about her style

You must ensure the style she adores. Do not try to ballpark the estimate, as you can face the risk of disappointing her. For this purpose, you can get the idea from her existing wardrobe, friends, family to know about the style she prefers: a classic or minimalist design.

4.     Learn about the 4 C’s

Mostly the moissanite crystals are famous, as per the globally described standard, which is also the 4 C’s. These 4 C’s are the Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color.

  • Colour

The colour mostly refers to the natural colour of the gemstone, and not the reflection of the spectral colours that comes with the flash moves. Moissanite colours are the undertones across the range from green to yellow to grey.

  • Moissanite Clarity

The clarity is, how clean the gemstone is with the natural microscope. Furthermore, the internal features are the characteristics and inclusions that are also known as the blemishes. Since the Moissanite is the natural element and is lab-created, therefore manufacturers can control the moissanite clarity.

  • Cut 

Every Moissanite crystal is hand cut highly accurate and precise.

  • Carat

Mostly the Moissanite crystals are 15 to 18% lighter than the diamonds. Thereby, where the 6.5mm diamonds weigh around 1.0 carat a moissanite weighs 6.5mm around 0.83 to 0.85 carat. The two stones that would be the same size of 6.5 mm in diameter cost differently.

5.     Choice of metal

When it is the matter of the band, then there are a variety of metals that you can choose. Hence, the choice of metal has a significant impact on the ring you choose. The famous for this are the platinum, gold, and white for the wedding rings for women. In addition to this, there are several colours that the gold comes in are green, yellow, rose, and white—anyhow if your beloved has sensitive skin from gold, then platinum is better. Visit : Wedding photography

6.     Budget

It is the question that only you can decide about your budget. Therefore, pick the wedding ring that can make the best sense for you and you are comfortable with. You can get the best wedding rings in the affordable options quickly.

7.     Warranty

In a case, if your ring needs to be adjusted or repaired, you must learn about the guarantee or the warranty details. Be sure to secure the warranties, receipts, and other information safely.

8.     Return policies

Find if the returns are possible and the jeweller is planning to purchase the ring. In case if you want to return the call for some reasons, you must figure out how to do it properly to save your emotional or the financial hassles later.

Why do moissanite rings for wedding rings for women?

Moissanite is called the silicon carbide (SIC), it is the naturally occurring mineral which is found in limited quantities or the one with tiny amounts on the earth. Moreover, the rarity of the natural moissanite crystals, which are not suitable for rings. Over the years through the advance technology experts have developed ways to make it more unique or beautiful with a mixture of science and art. Hence, now you can get the perfect moissanite for rings.


Hope these tips will leave you well learned about all your life-changing purchases, and you can easily make your best buy. Hence, it is about love and making the whole experience worth remembering. Therefore, you do not need to get too stressed and remember to bring your chance to make your beloved happy with the right choice of the ring.

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