Wedding Guest Fashion Rules Not To Miss

Since the coronavirus firstly appeared one year ago, the world has changed a lot. We were all witnesses to people changing their habits and life. Nothing is the same as it was previously. Neither wedding parties. There were many canceled wedding parties. Some wedding parties were held online through social media platforms. Wedding parties themselves changed a lot. Those deciding to hold a wedding party chooses to do it with a limited number of guests. There are only a few wedding guest fashion rules that haven’t changed no matter anything.

And, if you are invited as a guest to a wedding party, it is better for you if you follow them. Here we have selected some of the most important wedding guest fashion rules that you need to follow when invited to a wedding party. Choosing what to wear and what not to wear at a wedding party, can be a difficult task no matter what is your role at the wedding. That is why we try to make it easier for you to make the right decision when choosing the right wedding guest outfit.

Don’t wear white!

Rule number one: Never, ever wear white at a wedding party unless you are the bride! One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a guest at a wedding is wearing white. White is reserved for the bride. At the end of the story, it is her special day, and all the attention should be on her. So, no one should steal the attention away from her. When you wear white at a wedding, there is a possibility to be confused for the bride. That is another reason why you should miss white for a wedding guest outfit, no matter how good looks on you.

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Don’t upstage the bride

Weddings are the perfect excuse to treat you to a new chic and fancy dress. But, never ever go too overboard. Women sometimes make the mistake to choose dresses that scream look at me. And it wouldn’t be a mistake if the occasion was different. But, at a wedding party, you shouldn’t upstage the bride. It’s her day, her moment to shine, so try to avoid prom dresses, maxi gowns, or multi-colored sequin dresses.

Invest in accessories

In the season of weddings, you may have to attend more wedding parties in a short time period. That can be very costly especially if you have to wear a different outfit to any wedding. In order to avoid breaking your bank account, choose a couple of versatile dresses and update them for each wedding by wearing different accessories. Invest in statement accessories. Choose bags, hats, shoes, or jewelry that can perfectly fit any dress. This way you will be looking trendy and fashionable even when you are wearing the same dress as at the previous wedding.

Wedding Guest Fashion Rules Not To Miss source

Don’t wear anything too skimpy

Wedding parties are family events so you should be very careful when choosing the right outfit to wear. Avoid too daring and risqué outfits. Don’t wear anything too skimpy. Forget about see-through fabrics, plunging necklines, or cutaway dresses.

Don’t dress too casually

If you are wondering how to dress to a wedding as a guest, always remember the rule to not dress too casually. Forget the jeans. Make a little effort and dress according to the occasion. Show off a new outfit. if you are not a dress type, choose cigarette pants combined with a well-cut blazer or a jumpsuit.

Wedding Guest Fashion Rules Not To Miss source

Wear color on a summer wedding

Another among the unwritten wedding guest fashion rules is to wear color when attending a summer wedding. Summer is the perfect opportunity to shine and wear bright colors or pretty pastels. Show off your sun-kissed skin by putting on a light-colored dress. Just keep in mind to check in advance the color that the bridesmaids will be wearing. You don’t want to be mistaken for part of the bridal party, right? So make some forward planning in order to avoid such mistakes and bad moments.

Wedding Guest Fashion Rules Not To Miss source

Bring a pair of flats

Heels look modern and are definitely a must for a wedding outfit. But, they are so uncomfortable spending the whole day in them as well. That is why you should pack a pair of flat summer sandals in your bag to change into later in the evening. No one will notice that you changed your heels, especially if you are wearing a maxi dress. Having your flats will ensure you dance until the small hours of the night.

Avoid wearing black

One of the wedding guest fashion rules that you should always follow is to avoid wearing black at a wedding party. You are going to a wedding, not to a funeral so choose brighter colors. Avoid black unless you are having a perfect little black dress to wear. Follow this rule especially if you are attending a summer wedding. You don’t want to sweat while wearing black under the sun heat, right?

Wedding Guest Fashion Rules Not To Miss source

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