What You Should Pack for Your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Traveling is fun and thrilling. You might’ve had trouble sleeping on the night before a big trip. It’s normal. However, so is feeling anxious about packing for cosmetic surgery abroad even when you have started doing it a week before. There are some things that you need to carry with you everywhere you go. Here, you should add some special items to your bag so that you can feel supremely comfortable and relaxed before and after your surgery.

What You Should Pack for Your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

In the last-minute chaos that ensues before you leave your house, you might keep wondering whether you’ve packed everything that you need. The truth is that if you pack right, your trip is going to be a breeze. That’s the magic of well-planned packing. It somehow ends up taking a huge weight off your shoulders. Moreover, your medical vacation will also become more enjoyable if you pack just the right things.

Many first-time travelers make the mistake of packing everything that they consider remotely relevant. That only ends up troubling them. It isn’t easy to look after a large amount of luggage, you risk losing a few or more items. Most of all, when you’re traveling for medical purposes, there’s more than the usual jitteriness in the stomach. Because, of course, the anticipation and fear of the surgery loom large.

But just so you’re stress-free and happy, you need to take a look at the list of things mentioned below. It’ll tell you about all that you need to take care of while packing for cosmetic surgery abroad.

Organize and Check the Important Documentation

In order to pull this off, you need to be organized. Try to keep all the relevant documents in a folder. That should also include all your paperwork, medical history, blood tests, scans, and IDs, etc. You can also consider making copies of all the important documents and keeping them with yourself. Emailing them to yourself is another option. Lastly, it’s always better to call the clinic before leaving. Simply ask them what documents they’ll need from you and make a checklist.

Carry Comfy Clothes

This is a must no matter where you’re traveling to. However, for cosmetic surgery abroad, you should also make sure to take a zipper or buttoned up shirt/hoodie. It’ll help you get dressed easily. For instance, after breast surgery, you may have trouble lifting your arms to wear a T-shirt or a pullover. After rhinoplasty, you can easily harm your new nose while trying to pull a tight shirt over your head. So, make sure to bring oversized clothes as they are the comfiest.

Keep Some Warm Clothes

The best thing to do here is to check the weather of the place where you’re traveling for cosmetic surgery beforehand. You can simply look it up on the internet. After that, you should start packing. The country you’re traveling to may have a colder climate than what you’re used to in your native country.  Moreover, after your procedure, you might feel chilly due to the general anesthesia. Therefore, it’s best to pack some socks and cardigans. You will need warmth and comfort.

Do Not Forget Your Medications

Make sure to prepare a small bag with all your medications and allergy pills in it. You may need them. The same pills might be hard to buy from the pharmacies abroad, so come prepared. Also, bring a list of medications that you have to take and medical reports if you have any.

Bring Your Chargers and Socket Converter

Many travelers find themselves unable to plug their electronic devices into sockets when they’re abroad simply because they’re unlike what they have back home. Electric sockets are different in different countries. However, there are socket converters available in the market. Make sure to buy these as they usually come in handy for charging mobile phones, laptops, or Kindle, etc. You can find them anywhere for really cheap prices.

Pack Some Entertainment

Before and after the surgery, you’ll have lots of free time in your hands. For instance, on the day of the surgery, you will possibly have to wait for the operation theater to be ready for you. A book will help you keep busy, and your mind will be engaged in something else. This will also keep the surgery fear at bay. Moreover, you can bring a magazine or crossword puzzle for that purpose. If you’re thinking of bringing some electronic gadgets to the hospital, make sure to ask them if it’s allowed.

Concluding Remarks

When you’re traveling for cosmetic surgery abroad, do make sure to note down all the questions you have. You can type them on your phone or use a pen and paper for that. Also, you can keep adding questions to the list. Lastly, be realistic about what you truly need when traveling. Do not carry needless things. Medical travel is slightly different from when you’re going on a vacation. You need to be more careful. Do get in touch with your clinic and ask them about the travel essentials. They’re usually familiar with all that you’ll need.

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