What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality?

Hey everyone. Do you know that the finger length can reveal something about your personality!? We are presenting you the picture below with the most common finger length situation. So there are 3 different types of personalities depending of the finger length. All you need to do is to put your left hand in front of you and find in which type you are, A, B or C – below the picture there are explanations of the personality for every type. We really want to know if the below presented characteristics are matching with your personality.

What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality?


A) The charming but pragmatic one

The ring finger is longer than the index finger and these people are beautiful in appearance, charming and irresistible but also aggressive and decisive and it is no problem for them to take a risk and they are also an excellent problem solver.

B) Full of them self and arrogant

Shorter ring fingers than index fingers as you can read they are arrogant and has a lot of self-confidence. Also they are goal oriented and don’t like to be disturbed. They appreciate what they have but often hunger for more but they are definitely not those who will take the first step when it comes to relationships.

C)  Peace loving

Length of the ring finger and index finger are the same. Well organized and try to get along with everybody. They always avoid conflicts because they feel uncomfortable. Tend to be faithful in a relationship.


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