Burberry: Things You May Not Know

Burberry is one of the most iconic brands in the world. It is possibly the quintessential fashion brand from Britain. Their campaigns are known for their use of British-only models. Some of the models that made campaigns are Kate Moss and Care Delevingne, alongside other British musicians and actors. The brand is famous for its signature plaid pattern which has become the symbol of British culture and style as well.

Thomas Burberry

The Burberry Company was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. He was dedicated to creating efficient waterproof fabrics that will keep the British people from their rainy weather circumstances. The waterproof fabric of the current times was really too uncomfortable and heavy to wear. However, Thomas was dedicated to inventing something that would change that, and he strived to invent a more lightweight and breathable fabric and clothing.

Burberry: Things You May Not Know

And, he did it! In 1879, Thomas Burberry invented the gabardine. It was the most innovative waterproof material of that time. The fabric was a perfect lightweight and breathable waterproof solution that could easily fight against Britain’s harsh weather. In 1888 the fabric was patterned by the inventor. In 1893, the Norwegian explorer Dr. Fridtjof Nansen took the fabric on his expedition to the Arctic Circle.

Burberry: Things You May Not Know Burberry: Things You May Not Know

The beginning of the success

However, 1913 was the year when the story of one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world began. That was the year when Burberry moved to Haymarket London. Everything since then is a history most of us do know. The Burberry brand soon becomes synonymous with quality. In the 1920s the classic Burberry check was introduced to the fashion world and up to today it remains a key part of the brand’s identity.

Burberry: Things You May Not Know

Things you don’t know about the Burberry

We all recognize the distinctive trademarked tartan when we see it. Burberry is famous for its paid pattern in camel, red, white, and black. But, there are still some interesting details and things that write the success story of the brands that most of us do not know. Below, we are inviting you on a journey to meet the Burberry brand from closer. There is more to Burberry than the eyes meet. Here are listed the details that we considered that will be the most interesting for you to meet your favorite luxury brand. Enjoy:

Burberry: Things You May Not Know

The beginning

It all started in 1856 when the company was first founded. It was founded by Thomas Burberry, a draper from Britain who was a retailer of outdoor clothing for sportsmen. He was searching for some fabric that will be breathable and lightweight enough, and at the same time waterproof. And, in 1879 he invented gabardine, a fabric that has the previously mentioned qualities.

Burberry: Things You May Not Know

The trench coat

Burberry is best known for its famous trench coat. The first trench coat was invented in 1914 after it was commissioned by the War Office to adapt the traditional officer’s coat to be more suitable for active warfare in the trenches. Gabardine was the fabric that was used in the construction of the trench coat. As we mentioned before it was the waterproof fabric that Thomas Burberry invented himself.  It was perfectly suitable to be worn in the wet British weather. The trench coat become one of the most popular fashion clothing items with civilians after the war ended.

The Burberry check

The iconic and much-copied Burberry check was created in the 1920s. It was used as a lining for the popular Burberry trench coats.

Burberry: Things You May Not Know

Burberry and his history with explorers, adventurers, and aviators

Burberry has a rich history of outfitting famous explorers, aviators, and adventurers. The brand has been worn by some of the most popular explorers from different sides of the entire world. For example, it was worn by Major F.G Jackson during his exploration and mapping of the Arctic Circle. Aviator Claude Grahame- White, the first person to fly between London and Manchester in less than 24 hours has also worn the famous Burberry coat. Roald Amundsen and his team, the first people to reach the South Pole as well as Ernest Shackleton during his 1914 expedition across Antarctica also wore the brand. Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown, the first pilots to complete a non-stop transatlantic flight in 72 hours and George Mallory on his 1924 attempt to reach the summit of Everest enjoyed wearing Burberry clothing as well.

Burberry: Things You May Not Know

The logo

The Burberry Equestrian Knight trademark and logo were designed in 1901. It contains the Latin word “Prorsum” which means “Forward”.

The camel, black, red, and white check

Burberry is definitely most famous for its camel, black, red, and white check. It has been replicated in most of the garments and accessories signed by the signature of the brands. The check has become synonymous with the “chav” fashion. But, there are actually several different check patterns that you may not know about. Today, there are different patterns and colors available from Burberry, including a pink version as well. However, the traditional Burberry check is so recognizable that is considered to be a “corporate tartan” of the brand. It is also listed on Scotland’s tartar register.

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