Four Tips to Help You Fund Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will always sit up there as one of the best, most spectacular days of your life. It’s going to generate gold-plated memories – not just for you, but for all those who love you and your partner. As such, getting things just right is one of the most important responsibilities that a wedding planner has in the run-up to the big day.

This article focuses less on the options you have for the day, and more on how you’ll find it, suggesting methods by which you can raise the capital to make your big day perfect in every way.

Four Tips to Help You Fund Your Wedding Day


Traditionally, the parents of the two individuals getting wed are to contribute to the wedding day. This is great news for hard-up couples who would otherwise struggle to put on the wedding of their dreams. When you get engaged, you need to make sure you’re having early, sensitive conversations with your parents about the funding they’re willing to put into your wedding.

Remember not to be entitled or pushy – but ask them as soon as you can what they’d like to contribute, as this will likely shape the rest of your funding strategy.

Couples’ Budgeting

Your next option is to sit down with your partner and look at your joint finances through sites such as Budget Coupling. Often, if you’re both employed in good jobs, you’ll be making enough money to set aside a considerable amount – the kind of money that can go a long way in a wedding scenario. It’s up to you, as a couple, to decide how much of your monthly earnings you’d like to set aside to finance your big day. Some couples choose to only spend a little of their own cash, while others are more keen to throw a huge party, and are willing to chip in to make that happen.

Getting a Loan

With the wedding day fast approaching, one of the ways to get that extra boost of cash that you require is to get yourself a loan. These can be short-term, or they can be longer-term. You need to check the small print in order to understand your repayment obligations following your taking out of a loan. When you make use of Online Loans before a wedding, you have the luxury of knowing you’ll be reimbursed immediately after the wedding, as many guests offer cash sums as a wedding present, which you can apply to repaying your debt.

Calling in Investments

Finally, if you, your family or your partner have cash or material assets, you may be able to call them in for the wedding in order to make your special day that little bit more sparkling. Whether that means remortgaging a home, cashing in stocks and shares, or selling a fancy car, you’ll know that your wedding day is being funded by the savvy investments you’ve made in the years preceding your most special day.

Make sure you’re confident that your assets are priced correctly before cashing them in, of course.

Fund your wedding day with the above financial tips, which will help you get the cash together to curate the memorable marriage of your dreams.

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