Karlie Kloss for Victoria’s Secret

Fashionistas have known about Karlie Kloss for a really long time. However, her popularity has grown the most time since she became Victoria’s Secret model. She was indeed the first model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel in the same year of her debut for the Annual Fashion Show, in 2011. Karlie Kloss is a successful entrepreneur who manages a number of projects on the side. She has created her own line of vegan, gluten-free cookies with Momofuku Milk Bar. Then she launched Kode with Klossy, a scholarship program for girls interested in learning how to code. Her name was also related to Taylor Swift. Karlie Kloss was rumored to be dating the one and only Taylor Swift.

In this article, we present some interesting details from Karlie Kloss’s life. Meanwhile reading, we hope you will enjoy the gallery presenting one of the most successful collaborations of the model with Victoria’s Secret.

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret

Her personal life and occupation

Karlie Kloss is a Victoria’s Secret Angel by occupation. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 3, 1992. Her full name is Karlie Elizabeth Kloss. When still a baby, her family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Her father, Kurt, is a doctor and her mother, Tracey is a freelance art director.

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret

Karlie Kloss comes from a big family. She has three sisters, Kristine and the twins Kimberly and Kariann. In her family, everybody loves animals, so her family includes four dogs, two cats, and a rabbit. At the age of 16, when Karlie got her big break, her family decided to relocate to New York to support her big dreams. This was a move that definitely paid off. She soon becomes one of the most famous models worldwide, and the first Victoria’s Secret Angel who becomes an Angel the same year of her debut.

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret

Her love for ballet

In 2002, Karlie Kloss began studying classic ballet at Caston’s Ballet Academie. She was too tall to take up dance professionally, but, however, her love for dancing and the ballet classes she visited helped her succeed as a model. When asked about her ballet classes as a young girl, she answers that her ballet training was honestly the most valuable thing she could have done to prepare herself for a modeling career. As she continues her response about modeling, she says that it is all about movement, rhythm, your body, and your muscles.

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret

Her prom dress

The prom night is definitely one of the most important events for every student in high school. It is the night that brings them into the world of adults. We all know how important prom night and prom night outfits are, especially for girls. Well, when Karlie Kloss attended her prom in May 2011, she was wearing a Tangerine Dior gown, which has been the dream prom dress for most women around the world at that time. And, definitely, there was no chance of the other girls being upstaged by a model wearing a designer dress. The model still mixed it up with the regular high school kids. Her breathtaking dress is everything you can wish for!

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret

Karlie Kloss and her “cookies”

Modeling is not the only job that the famous model does in life. Aside from the modeling, Karlie Kloss took a more alternative route, launching her own brand of cookies. She made a successful collaboration with Momofuku Milk Bar. Karlie’s “Cookies” are vegan, gluten-free, and launched for a really good cause- raising money for children’s charities. Finally, some cookies that women paying attention to their body shape could eat without feeling bad at all!

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secret

You may think that this is a super strange collaboration for a model. But, once you hear that Karlie Kloss is obsessed with baking, you may understand better why she decided to launch her own cookie line. Baking may not be the most usual frontrunner for a model’s pastime. But, she presents herself as a real baking nerd, so we are not surprised by her choice at all. Once after launching the cookies business on the market, Karlie said for a newspaper that when she received her first modeling cheque, she went straight out and bought the Great British Bake Off cookbook. Really, baking is her biggest love, isn’t it?

Karlie Kloss for Victorias Secretsource

Her Taylor Swift fairytale

In her 20s, Karlie Kloss was living a real fairytale. Her carrier was increasing and all her fantasies were becoming a reality. She has her own room in Taylor Swift’s New York apartment. The two friends become “swift” besties when Taylor walked into a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and saw the beautiful supermodel. Taylor Swift on an occasion said that one of the guest rooms in her apartment is adorned with photos of Karlie, with a basket of her favorite Whole Foods treats next to her bed. There is not a bigger dream a 20-something years old girl could wish for, isn’t there?

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