New Make-Up Technique – Clown Contouring ,The Final Result Is Surprisingly Amazing

Just when we thought that the contouring makeup trend completely disappeared the new method has shown that has surprised all women worldwide. Makeup artist known as Belladelune on YouTube, published a new video which began this new trend, using extreme method of makeup. It looks like she is painting her face for a fancy dress party, but this beauty blogger has revealed just how clown contouring could be the next big thing when it comes about makeup.

Bella explains that he wanted to send a message to all women that makeup is fun and it is only a way that express yourself. Is there anything more fun than drawing smiley on you head? Once Bella will draw his face with intense colors, it brings all on the face with amazing finish. The transformation is incredible! Take a look below.

New Make Up Technique   Clown Contouring ,The Final Result Is Surprisingly Amazing

via belladelune

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