Clown Contouring Make Up Trend

Just when we thought that the contouring makeup trend completely disappeared? Well, if yes you were definitely wrong. New contouring variants keep on coming on the makeup scene. The newest one, that has made women worldwide willing to try it is clown contouring.  Makeup artist known as Belladelune on YouTube published a new video that began this new trend. The trend is all about using the extreme method of makeup. It looks like she is painting her face for a fancy dress party, but this beauty blogger has revealed just how clown contouring could be the next big thing when it comes about makeup.

Bella explains that she wanted to send a message to all women that makeup is fun and it is only a way that expresses yourself. Is there anything more fun than drawing a smile on your head? Once Bella will draw her face with intense colors, the transformation that you will testify is incredible! Take a look below.

Meanwhile, learn everything you need to know about the trend of clown contouring. We are sure that you will adore it. Makeup is art, so learn how to be the best artist ever possible.

Clown Contouring Make Up Trend

Where did the trend come from?

As we mentioned above, the YouTube blogger BellaDeLune is the one credited for making clown contouring a trend. She was the first to post a video with this makeup trend. She originally did it as a response to the trolls who called her a “clown” for her regular contoured makeup. After posting the video with her clown contouring technique, she received a huge response from her followers. People were asking her for the proper tutorial. Once they saw a poo emoji on her face, they were impatient to know how they could insert it into their own makeup routine as well.

How is the clown contouring technique different from regular contouring?

If you have to define the technique of clown contouring then you can surely call it a mixture of regular contouring and a supersize offering of Ronald McDonald. The technique itself involves shading, highlighting, and color correcting. When it comes to regular contouring it is all about general lines and blocks of color. But, when it comes to clown contouring it is all about painting the face like you are doing a clown face painting for Halloween with geometrical shapes. There is one key difference between these two techniques. When clown contouring, you apply the colors according to the contouring rules about what areas of the face you want to highlight. And, in the end, blend everything together so you do not go outside with a ring around the mouth.

Is the end result any different?

You may notice some differences between both techniques. Clown contouring includes more color than regular contouring, for example. But, the final result is definitely the same.  No matter which of these two techniques you try, you will get the same Kardashian – esque contoured look that women worldwide get absolutely crazy about.

How to get the look?

If you want to copy the clown contouring look, then we invite you to check out BellaDeLune’s video below. All you will need for this makeup technique is your regular contouring palette and color-correcting shades. Bella uses a small brush to get the look and some creams. You will notice the poo emoji in the video, which has a special meaning for BellaDeLune. If you do not feel able to blend it well, then you can skip it in your everyday makeup routine.

via belladelune

The trend of contouring

Contouring as well as clown contouring can make a huge difference in a girl’s face shape and definition. Below we are going to share with you the must-follow steps in order to get the perfect contoured look. Here they are:

Step 1: Start with a fresh face. Apply your favorite foundation and conceal any imperfections. Then, use a mineral powder brush and a bronzer that is about 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Sculpt the cheeks by swiping the powder slightly in the area under the cheekbones. Make sure you blend back into the hairline so that there are no harsh lines. Also, take care not to bring the contour too inward towards the center of the face. Otherwise, you will look really funny and inappropriate. The best would be if you stop right under the outer edge of the eyes.

Step 2: Start contouring the temples of the forehead.  Do not miss to blend the powder onto the edge of the forehead as well.

Step 3: Time to contour the nose! Use dusting powder on the sides of the nose and under the tip.

Step 4: To shape the jawline, dust the bronze under the jawline and down onto the neck. Blend well so that you get a more natural look.

Step 5: In the end, finish with your eyes. To add depth and definition, contour the crease of the eyes with bronzer. Line under the eyes for extra definition.

Your clown contouring look is done! We are sure that you will try it and love it as we do!

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