Helping Tips To Organize The Best Virtual Wedding Shower Ever

The coronavirus has changed life as we knew it before. The pandemic is not slowing anytime soon, so people have been forced to adjust to the new normal. With the measurements that governments worldwide have set, many events, including weddings and wedding showers have been postponed, and some have been even canceled. Luckily, thanks to the modern technology that we are surrounded by nowadays, it is easy to throw a virtual wedding shower with guests joining via live stream.

Helping Tips To Organize The Best Virtual Wedding Shower Ever source

Virtual wedding showers have become part of the new normal, as soon as couples’ wedding plans were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Here, we are going to offer you some helping tips to organize the best virtual wedding shower ever. Read the virtual wedding shower ideas below.  Get inspired on how to organize a wedding shower thanks to digital technology.  It may not be the same as organized in person, but it will definitely be as festive and fun as you could ever imagine.

Send virtual wedding shower invitations

Yes, it is the era of digitalization. Many couples started using digital invitations for their weddings even before the pandemic. It is a better and money-saving way, so many couples use it to invite their guests from different parts of the world. Now, in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, sending virtual wedding invitations can create a special feel for the event. There are many beautiful digital options available on the Internet. Couples can find them and download them, and then arrange them according to their needs and preferences. The virtual wedding shower invitations allow the shower host to convey all the needed information to the guests. They can also put the virtual meeting link as the shower location and the time to start the virtual party. With only one click all the guests can start hosting the shower party.

Helping Tips To Organize The Best Virtual Wedding Shower Ever source

Serve Refreshments

Who says you can’t make a toast on a virtual wedding shower? Of course, you can. All you need to do is to send refreshments to your guests ahead of time. You can send them some little bottles of Champagne, some wedding-themed cocktails, or even wedding-themed cookies. You can send them any food or drinks you have planned to have at your “in-person” wedding shower party at their home address. Or, you can just ask them to have their own drinks and refreshments during the virtual wedding shower party. Then, at one moment all you need to do is to take your drinks in hands and toast to the couples altogether. It will make the atmosphere more festive and everybody will enjoy it.

Helping Tips To Organize The Best Virtual Wedding Shower Ever source

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Creating a festive atmosphere, no matter the fact you are celebrating on distance is a must. It will create a better feeling for both the hosts and the guests. You can create a virtual background on many platforms that people use to live stream. You can use photos of the couple as a virtual wedding shower background for the guests for example. Or you can use a simple solid-colored backdrop with text such as “X’s Bridal Shower” or simply the names of the couples, or their initials.

Dress for the occasion

Not being able to wear the dress you planned to, before the pandemic, doesn’t mean that you can’t dress for the occasion. Invent a dress code together with your friends, and then all of you dress according to it on the virtual wedding shower party. The goal is to make the event feel more like a celebration. Having a special dress code will create a bright and cheery visual for the live stream.

Open the Presents

Opening the presents is the key part of the shower party. A virtual wedding shower is not an exception. All you have to do is to ask your guests to send the gifts to arrive by the date of the shower, so the couple or the bride herself can open them during the virtual shower.

Helping Tips To Organize The Best Virtual Wedding Shower Ever source

Play Games

What is a party without some interesting games that will add fun to the atmosphere? In order to have more fun even at a distance, you can play some virtual wedding shower games. What about a “Bridal Bingo”? Or, “How Do You Know The Bride”? You will all have fun finding out interesting details about both the bride to be. Include them both, the future bride and groom, in the games for even more fun.

Helping Tips To Organize The Best Virtual Wedding Shower Ever source

Create a Playlist

A party without music? Impossible to imagine right? A virtual wedding shower party isn’t an exception, again. Create a playlist with the couple’s most favorite songs, and then play it in the background, at a volume that all the guests can hear it, but, not too loud, so you can hear each other talking.

Collect Well-Wishes for the Couple

Another tradition of showers is to have guests fill out cards with well-wishes for the couples. On a virtual wedding shower, the guest can send their notes to the host ahead of time. Then, on the big day, the host can read them during the shower or can share them privately only with the couple.

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