Why you need to empty your cosmetics bag and give it a refresh

Our makeup bags are often filled with old eyeshadows, eyeliners that were used twice and maybe even the odd pencil shaving for good measure. For some of us, a cosmetics bag can be opened up to a much more wide array of beauty accessories. Let’s not forget decade-old brushes, over-stretched hair-ties, and barely used curling tongs. Your cosmetics bag can and should be a treasure trove for all the products that make you feel confident before you leave the house. By refreshing it, you can almost start your beauty routine from scratch.

Why you need to empty your cosmetics bag and give it a refresh


Let’s get the most obvious reason for getting rid of your old cosmetics products first: hygiene. Old cosmetics are an absolute breeding ground for bacteria, which can be detrimental to our health. In fact, some of the bacteria found within makeup bags have the same culprits of not only skin infections but also nasty cases of food poisoning. Conditions such as conjunctivitis can occur as a result of makeup brushes that haven’t been cleaned regularly, which can certainly ruin a strong cat-eye. Those with acne-prone skin should also be wary of using makeup and brushes that are loaded with old, out-of-date products.


There are some items that are particularly bad for harboring bacteria, which could lead to some of those aforementioned conditions. Mascara, foundation, and glitter are all pretty disgusting if they’re left for too long. While you may have a fondness for that sparkly tube of eye makeup that you wear once a year on Halloween, it could ultimately do your eyes and skin some harm.


Less effective

Most beauty products do expire, and so continuing to use them could be doing literally nothing for your look. Hair products will start to become far too thick to use, or they may even separate in the bottle. Perfume needs to be stored in a dimly-lit, cool place. Otherwise, that too can go off. Refreshing your products that no longer smell or look good means you will be getting the most bang for your buck. Now that we do most of our shopping online, however, it’s much easier to find discounted, effective products. Maple Prime’s discount cosmetics, for example, are a great place to find big perfume brands.


Don’t worry about fancy cleaning products

The best product for cleaning your makeup brushes? Baby shampoo, or maybe even some washing up liquid mixed with some gentle cleansing oil. Yes, there are plenty of expensive products for cleaning makeup out of brushes and fabric, but sometimes the basics get the job done quicker; and on a much healthier budget.

The best way to get a sense of what could do with a clean and what needs to hit the trash is to give your cosmetics bag a big empty. Your old perfume may have gone stale and your mascara might be just a tube of black grit. Starting from scratch can improve your beauty routine, and maybe even spare you a trip to the doctors.

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