See How Dramatically Women’s Makeup Evolved Throughout History

Makeup in this modern era takes an important part of every woman’s life. We are all aware that that almost every one of us is not leaving the home without makeup. Yes this is how is now but do you think that maybe years ago there was a makeup too. The beauty and care are part of the humans life years and years before and makeup too was a part of the beauty ideals. As the years passed the makeup and beauty ideal has evolved to. The buzzfeed team has searched in to the ancient archives and created one super cool video that shows us about the evolution of the makeup through the years. From Ancient Greece with the unibrow trend where hairs were often glued on between the eyebrows through Wowzers and the Elizabethan era, which in contrast favoured bald brows and pale skin untill the pre-French revolution women actually that gave themselves fake veins and beauty spots. Just watch the video and see how actually all this looks like. Enjoy!


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