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Some Helping Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Makeup Accessories

Makeup looks so pretty, and many women can’t imagine their lives without it, but we should all admit that it leaves a visible mess behind. Dirt and bacteria find their way to your makeup accessories every single day. In order to keep your skin healthy and far from all those bacteria, you need to take care of your makeup accessories. Many makeup products have an indicator on their packing that tells when is the best time to throw the product, but almost none of them have instructions on how to clean your makeup until the expiration day. We are presenting you some helping tips on how to properly clean your makeup accessories. Find out how to clean makeup brushes, sponges, your makeup case, and the most usable makeups. Every woman needs to know how to keep makeup clean in order to avoid face skin problems, so read carefully.

Some Helping Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Makeup Accessories source

How to properly clean your lipstick

If you want to keep your lipstick clean all the time, the best is to clean it every two weeks, or at least once a month. We are presenting you with this two-step method that will help you do it easily. First, grab a Q-tip and hold it at an angle, slightly twisting u the lipstick. Then scrape the top of the lipstick. Scrape just a little part of the top of the lipstick! Second, pour a little rubbing alcohol into a small dish and submerge the lipstick into it for about 30 seconds. Finally, allow the lipstick to the air to dry, or just wipe dry it gently with a clean tissue.

Extra tip: Try to buy lipstick in metal containers, because they don’t retain the germs as much as the plastic one does!

How to properly clean your makeup pencils

The best way to keep your pencils clean is to sharpen them before each use. If you use pencils that are retractable instead of the ones that sharpen, then here is how to clean them. Pour some rubbing alcohol in a small container and then dip the top of the pencil into the container with the alcohol for about 30 seconds. At the end wipe dry gently the top of the pencil using a clean tissue or simply air dry it.

How to properly clean your foundation

If you are using a liquid foundation in an open bottle that requires the use of your fingertip, then you need to use Q-tips to dip into the bottles instead of using your fingers. Don’t forget to use a clean tip for each dip! Or just try to pour out the very top portion of the foundation in order to keep it clean, although it doesn’t secure you to remove all the germs, as you need to shake the foundation.

How to properly clean blush, bronzer, and powder

These are some of the makeup accessories that are easiest to keep clean. All you need to do to clean eye shadows and blush is to grab a butter knife and scrape the top of the product with it. Just be careful, because if you press down too hard, you can break the product into pieces and destroy it. If you use powder too often, then you may dirt it with face oil from your skin. In order to avoid it, you can use a brush instead of foam applicators, as it is much easier to clean your brush after each use.

How to properly clean your makeup bags and cases

Bags and cases that we use to store makeup to get dirty so quickly. That is why you need to clean them every two weeks, or at least once a month. Remove all the makeup products from the case or the bag and give it a deep cleaning. The best way to do it is by using antibacterial wipes. Wipe the inside of the bag or the case until there is no dirt left on it. Don’t use the same antibacterial wipe to clean the outside of the case or bag, in order to avoid damaging it. You can instead use a baby wipe or damp cloth to clean the outside of the makeup bag or case.

Extra tip: If you feel that wiping the makeup bag or case with an antibacterial wipe is not enough, and there are still some germs left on it, then place it in the fridge overnight. The cold will destroy any germs left on it!

How to properly clean makeup brushes

If you are asking yourself how to clean your makeup brushes, let us answer you that it is the easiest thing to do. It may seem difficult for you to clean the brushes, but believe us: it is not at all. Make a solution of one part water and nine parts rubbing alcohol. Then, spray from the solution on a dry cloth and wipe your brush across it. Don’t press down too hard or submerge the brushes in water. You could break it or make it come apart. The best is to clean the brushes after each use.

Some extra “extra” tips:

There are some makeup products that you can’t clean, but instead you need to throw after using them so long.

Mascara is the one of them. You just can’t clean it no matter what you do. The germs will stay in the product with each use. Mascara is not even made to last for years, so just let it go after many uses.

In order to avoid lip infections, have in mind that lips gloss in another product that you can’t clean: you just need to throw it away after using it for longer time. If it still keeps the good smell after using it many times, you can keep it for one year or two.

Disposable makeup sponges are another makeup accessories that you need to throw after many uses. Its name says it clearly: disposable! You can’t wash it and then use it again. Instead, you need to throw them away and replace them with a new one.

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