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The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time

There are dresses, and then there are DRESSES! Truly iconic dresses that will stay forever in your memories! Since they appeared on the red carpet or on the big screen, no one could ever take them away from memories. We are talking about dresses that stood the test of time and made their mark in fashion history. Some of them took everyone’s attention because they are beautiful, while others because they are weird. No matter the reason, they earned their place in fashion history, and after a few decades, we still remember them.

Is there anyone who doesn’t recognize the memorable Audrey Hepburn’s black dress form “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Probably not!  This and many more iconic dresses are on the list that we prepared for you to make you refresh your memories. In the gallery below we have selected the most iconic dresses of all time. We are sure you will adore the collection of the most important iconic dresses from the 20th and 21st centuries. We hope you enjoy the selection.

Meghan Markle’s royal wedding gown by Claire Waight for Givenchy, 2018

The royal wedding was definitely the event that marked 2018. And Meghan Markle’s, the Duchess of Sussex’s, wedding gown was the dress that marked the fashion history. Her impressively minimalist boat-necked wedding gown by Claire Waight for Givenchy is one of the most iconic dresses ever seen. Do not be surprised if you see many brides wearing wedding dresses inspired by this model. Women simply got crazy about the dress she was wearing while marrying Prince Harry in 2018.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

Angelina Jolie’s black thigh slit gown by Atelier Versace, 2012

Angelina Jolie and her black thigh slit velvet gown were definitely the ones who stole the show at the Oscars 2012. When she appeared at the ceremony wearing this gown, she might not dream that it will become an iconic dress. But it was exactly what happened. Her velvet Atelier Versace gown that showed her right leg off is definitely one of those iconic dresses that no one can ever forget.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, 2011

Another royal wedding gown that stole the attention of the fashion world was Kate Middleton’s one. In 2011 Kate become the Duchess of Cambridge wearing Alexander McQueen’s lace-sleeved wedding gown. The dress will always stay remembered in fashion history. Even today, almost a decade after, many brides to be, choose to sparkle wearing this model for their big day.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

Jenifer Lopez’s jungle-print dress by Versace, 2000

This is definitely the dress that literally burned Google in 2000. It is the reason Google Image Search was born indeed, said then Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Jenifer Lopez wearing the Versace chiffon jungle-print gown with plunging neckline looked so hot and sexy. She wore it at the 2000 Grammy Awards Ceremony. Indeed, this kind of dress was pretty risqué at that time, but the diva wore it so good that no one can reproach her. Jenifer Lopez at 50 years closed the SS20 Versace show in a close recreation of this iconic dress. And, she stole the show again, as 20years ago.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

Julia Robert’s red off-the-shoulder dress by Marilyn Vance, 1990

Is anyone there who doesn’t love Pretty Woman? Probably no, because this is one of the best movies seen in film history ever. And, probably there is no one who doesn’t remember Julia Robert wearing her glorious off–the–shoulder red dress paired with elbow-length white gloves. The scene when she attends the opera wearing this iconic dress is by far the most memorable in the film. And, the dress is by far one of the most memorable dresses of the 20th century.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

Audrey Hepburn’s black dress by Givenchy, 1961

There is no dress more iconic than the black Hubert de Givenchy evening gown that Audrey Hepburn wore in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This dress was designed by Givenchy, originally featured a tight-high split on one side. But, because it was considered inappropriate at the time, by the movie’s costume designed Edith Head, the split was closed so that it doesn’t show much of the leg. Audrey was wearing the iconic dress paired with a pearl necklace by Roger Scemama and long black gloves.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

Beyoncé’s 2015 Met-Gala sparkling dress, 2015

Back in the last few years, there appeared many nearly-naked dresses. But, definitely, the one that made turn heads, was the one Beyoncé wore at the “China: Through the Looking Glass” Met Gala. The dress was designed by Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. Although there were many other stars following the “naked dress” trend for the event, the Lemonade’s star’s version was the one that won the show. Due to its special design, the dress gained its honored place on the list of the most iconic dresses of all time. It was featured by a ton of strategically placed multi-colored crystals that made it shining and shimmering. Since it appeared firstly in 2015, it was definitely the dress that no one could take a look out of the dress.

The Most Iconic Dresses Of All Time That Stood The Test Of Time source

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