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Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring

In today’s social media and Instagram age, the importance of the “engagement ring selfie” has grown so much. Couples saying the faithful “YES” share their happiest moment on social media, so they, especially women want to get the best photo possible. Women, therefore, pay much attention to details. One of the most important details, that can make your engagement ring pop, is the right engagement manicure. Many women, who suspect that the engagement ring is coming their way, are vigilant with their manicures. Some groom-to-be can even make an appointment with the manicurist for their future wife to get her nails done before the big moment. If you are having the chance to have your nails done before the proposal, you are a lucky one. Just remember that it is so important to choose the right engagement manicure for the show off of your ring. Here is how to choose the best engagement manicure to complement your wedding ring according to the ring metal color. The right nail color can make your ring shine and sparkle.

Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring source

What color to paint your nails when getting engaged?

If you haven’t done your nails before the engagement, you can choose the nail color that you think would best complement the engagement ring. If that is your case too, choose strategically. Once you have the engagement ring on your hand, you can choose the best shade of nail polish to show it off. If you have the chance to get your nails done before the “engagement ring selfie” then you should follow two rules: matching the tone or complementing the engagement ring. What does it mean? For example, if you have a gemstone engagement ring like sapphire, you can pair it with bright blue polish (matching the tone) or complementary color instead. Another thing to do is to pair two opposite colors for the engagement manicure and the wedding ring. An example of this is an emerald green stone on the engagement ring and red nails.

Yellow gold engagement ring

The gold engagement ring is timeless. If your engagement ring is crafted in yellow, then you should complement it with warmer nail colors. There are so many options for an engagement manicure when having a yellow gold wedding ring. The best colors to choose from are peach or light pink. These colors will contrast the yellow of the ring, but at the same time will pick up the shine of the gold, making it even more sparkling. If these hues are not your personal style, you can go for sparkly champagne or neutrals. These colors will give you a more classic and traditional look. If you are yet more dramatic, then you can pick any shade of fuchsia and see its magic working.

Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring source

White gold engagement ring

With its inherent brightness, white gold engagement rings call for darker shades of engagement manicure. In order to contrast the luster of the metal, you can opt for dark purple or crimson, or baby blue. If you want a color that will complement the engagement ring metal color, then pastels are the perfect choice for you. They will enhance the subtle undertones of the metal. For an even more “standing out of the crowd” look you can go for a sparkling gray manicure.

Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring source

Rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold engagement ring already makes you a fashionable and stylish bride-to-be. The metal with its crimson luster is beautiful enough on its own. To keep the luxurious look you can complement the rose gold ring with candy apple red nail polish. The light red will bring out the pink accent of the ring making it look mesmerizing on your finger. Neutrals are also a good choice to combine with a rose gold ring. Choose a pearly white or champagne engagement manicure to bring out the shine of the ring.

Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring source

Platinum engagement ring

Many women will agree that the best metal for an engagement ring is platinum. If you are a woman having a platinum engagement ring on your finger, then you will definitely want a manicure that will amplify the shine of the ring. To make your platinum engagement ring pop, choose icy blue or white. These colors will give the ring space to shine while still providing an eye-catching backdrop. Also, to bring out the best of the platinum, you can opt for more vibrant and bold manicure colors. Red and dark purple, for example, will give your ring the stunning ring it deserves.

Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring source

Gemstone engagement ring

Finding the right nail color for a gemstone ring is a little tricky, as the ring already has pops of color embedded in it. But, that doesn’t mean that you should opt only for neutrals. Instead, you can choose the same color as the gemstone for your manicure too. Or, you can go for contrasts. For emerald, sapphire, or ruby ring you can choose violet, crimson, or deep blue so that providing a contrast that enhances the color of the stone on your ring.

Best Engagement Manicure To Complement Your Wedding Ring source

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